Stories from Asia, Part 2: Bats in the City

The first place I came to in Asia was Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I spent two weeks there with a group of people learning how to be a English teacher.  We studied English grammar and teaching methodology by day; by night, we would go check out the town.

Walking around Phnom Penh at night, one of the first things I noticed were bats.  There were bats flying close to our heads as we were walking around; I had never been in a city where there were bats.  It was something different.

Two weeks later some of us moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, formerly Saigon.  There were bats there too.

I’m still living here.  Sometimes, late at night, I’ll go up on my roof deck with all the lights out.  I lie on my back and look up at the sky, and watch the bats fly around.


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