The Part-Time Blogger Returns: Super Bowl Thoughts


So I watched the Super Bowl last night: here are some thoughts:

Ben Roethlisberger should have won MVP.  No question.  I understand Santonio Holmes had a tremendous game, and if he was on a fantasy team would have made his owner happy, but I don’t see how he gets it over Big Ben.

For the entire game, Big Ben was Brilliant.  There’s no other word to describe his game play.  One Example:

Throughout the game, there were atleast five or six plays when Arizona defenders penetrated the backfield: up the field they ran, their mission to seek and destroy quarterback flashing in their eyes.  And what happened?  Ben avoided them.  This is a big guy, who’s not especially fast in the open field.  But with athletic defenders trying to kill him, he escaped.  And not only that: he made the completions while running away.

Even more flabbergasting is that Big Ben has been doing this his entire career, and aside from Steelers fans, all we seem to forget.

I’m convinced that Big Ben is underrated for one reason and one reason only: he doesn’t put up fantasy stats.  Last night looked like most his games this year: about 100 yds passing, maybe one TD,  maybe a pick.  Not great for fantasy stuff.  Compared with Warner, who threw for 379 yds and two touchdowns, you would think he was a slouch.  And on a fantasy team, he would be.  But Big Ben played a much better game compared to Warner, who had big numbers despite looking timid and afraid for most of the game.

As football fans, most of us, myself included, have fallen into this dangerous way of viewing the game: stats, stats and more stats.  But with football, as most will tell you, its never all about the stats.  Fantasy football, in many ways, has made us all less intelligent football watchers.

That being said, I plan on winning my fantasy league next year, and staying in the throne as Commish: I’m just saying.

But back to Ben: can anyone explain why Holmes got the MVP over his QB?  Don’t get me wrong, it was a solid A performance: great running after the catch several times to keep drives alive, and the spectacular game winning catch.  But I don’t see how that trumps Ben: he played brillantly, completed crucial pass after crucial pass, and he outran guys twice as fast as him.  And lets not forget: his last drive, from the one yard with 1(?) minute to go, was Montana-esq.  I would say his drive was on even-par of Montana vs. The Bengals: how is he not MVP?  I don’t know.

Moving on….

My Bitter Moment of the Night: Watching Willie Parker run around like a healthy running back.  Really Willie?  After an agonizing year of you murdering my fantasy season, who decide to be good when I don’t want you to win?  Your officially on my shitlist (and Willie officially could give two shits…..)

Moving on……

Commercials:  We should all just admit this right now: Super Bowl commercials have not been Super Bowl commercials for 10 years.  Ten years ago, everyone watched the Super Bowl.  The local Star Trek convention would call off the Sunday Night Meeting to watch football and commercials.  It used to be a cultural event.

And now, years later, its not.  The internet and hundreds of cable channels, along with DVR and OnDemand, have murdered this concept.  But we keep pretending the Super Bowl commercials are incredible.  They’re not.  That being said, I liked the following:

The Audi commercial with The Transporter.

The Coke Zero ad with Troy Polamalu: (I hate the nerdy Coke Zero guys with passion: not sure if I was happy to see them get tackled, or pissed that I had to see them at all).

The Miller High Life 1 Second Ad: High Life!

The Denny’s Ad with the Mobsters: the funniest, most creative of the night.

And the Winner, in my opinion: CASH 4 GOLD!  About 100 times better than I imagined.  Golden!

Moving On…..

Arizona didn’t just shoot themselves in the foot for the first three quarters as much as the dipped their feet in sulfuric acid and watched their skin tissue melt.  They didn’t have any damn feet left to shoot by the second half.

I’m beyond flabbergasted: how was the last play of the game not reviewed.  I feel like I should put som eBill Simmons-esqe “my eyes started bleeding” quote here, but my brain officially was shocked into not functioning properly by the decision.  Trying to figure out the logic of it hurts my head.

I’m slightly flabbergasted: why not take a shot down field in the first half to Larry Fitzgerald?  Your not even gonna try?  With a guy like that, you have to try bombing it atleast 3 times per half.  But Madden brought up an excellent point as the second quarter wound to a close: Arizona hadn’t taken any chances down field.

Is it me, or is that what their whole offense is centered around.  Seemed like they forgot this until the fourth quarter.

Alright, I’m out, back some other time.

Till Next Time,



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