Very Quick Playoff Football Stuff

I know, I know, I haven’t written in months, just stopped by for a second to put down some thoughts on football in general:

Overtime in the NFL: I’ve hated this for years; glanced at P. King’s weekly column this morning and saw that he was bitching about it.

It’s not the sudden death that I have a problem with: its the fact that a team can simply win a coin toss, march down the field against a dog tired defense, and KICK A FIELD GOAL.  That’s my beef: all a team has to do is get into field goal range, after starting at about the twenty give or from a kick-off.  Eliminate field goals past the fifty yard line, and I have no problem with Sudden Death Overtime in the NFL.

Minn. vs. Philly:  This was the most obvious battle of the mediocres I saw all weekend.  Neither team looked playoff worthy: they each looked afraid to win.  Each team had one big play from their running backs: (Peterson on one where he busted through the line and outran everyone, and Westbrook on one where the downfield blocking was responsible for the touchdown; all Westbrook had to do was run around each block).  Besides these plays, both offenses were meak.

Matt Ryan was great despite losing and throwing a few picks.

Tavaris Jackson proved that he cannot win any close, important games, despite his legs.

Baltimore’s D is good.

The Colts are a lot slower than they used to be; they got outplayed in every facet of the game by San Diego, despite the close score.

Peace, I’m Out.



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