Attention Bow Wow: I Can Solve All Your Problems….

I’ve been waking up to Ramiro & Pebbles on Jammin’ 94.5 FM lately.

What’s this, you ask? Well, if you’re not from Boston, its one of the two decent wake-up programs on the air (the other being The Sandbox on 101.7FM, WFNX). I switch it up between these two because, honestly, I can’t listent to any radio program without getting sick of it after awhile.

Anyway, the other morning, during her Pop News Update, Pebbles mentioned that Bow Wow was going to be on an episode of Entourage this season in a “very intense” sex scene (just one more reason for me not to start watching this show again). Ramiro and Pebbles then began discussing Bow Wow’s woes: turns out, the rapper is trying to shake his image as “possibly gay, looks like he’s twelve, not a serious artist.” To quell the former rumors, he’s been reportedly trying to date hot chicks. And now he’s in a sex scene on a popular HBO show.

But here’s the thing: nothing is going to change. Supposedly, the guy still looks like he’s eleven. You may remember, he was on the scene at the age of 8 or so as ‘Lil Bow Wow’, which obviously his parents or someone else coined for him. Then, at around the age of 15, he changed to ‘Bow Wow’ to become more of a grown-up.

But seriously Bow Wow…’re not doing enough. I take you less seriously now that you call yourself ‘Bow Wow.’ Does Bow Wow sound tough….no, it sounds terrible. When you were Lil Bow Wow you sounded kinda crazy……now you sound kinda lame. Maybe if you called yourself Vicious Pit Bull or Rabid Racoon, then I’d take you seriously. But right now, I just can’t.

So if you’re reading this….let it go. Take your real name back….the one your mama gave you. You’ll get more girls, more street cred, and you won’t be forced to be in sex scenes to prove that you’re a man. Seriously, who does that? Chicks, bro: chicks.

So there it is: leave Bow Wow behind, and join the rest of society with a normal name. You’ll thank me later.


Until Next Time,



4 thoughts on “Attention Bow Wow: I Can Solve All Your Problems….

  1. jay says:

    what happened to, “I’m back and I’m gonna start writing agian.” ?

  2. grhovane says:

    I got busy again and haven’t had time lately….but I’ll be back.

  3. Johnny Smash says:

    I promote upcoming entertainers and business’s

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