Conversations at a Library (Things to Come??)

They sat at the corner table in the back of the library; a few open magazines and newspapers lay in front of them. John tapped his open notebook idly.

“See that guy over there?”


“That guy with the brown hair, white t-shirt and shorts? Kind of a goofy….”

“Ohh, yah, I know that guy. I mean, I don’t really know him, but he says what up when I see him.”

“Well, he used to write in a blog, like all the time, and he he had a following of three or four readers. He’d come home sometimes, eat dinner, and immediately start writing. It was good shit.”

“Ohh, yah, I think I remember that….”

“Yah, well, for awhile he stopped writing, cause he got caught up with some bullshit, you know? Mainly, though, he didn’t have internet at his apartment.”

He paused; his pocket was vibrating.

“Hold on bro, I’m getting a text.” He stared at the luminesent screen, and typed unknown words into the phone. On another phone somewhere, someone received a form of communication. Message Sent.

“So, what, happened? You were saying?”

“Ohh, yah. Well, dude got the internet back. He’s kinda pumped, cause he thinks he might start writing again. Not every night, you know, but maybe like twice a week.”

“Ohh, man, that’d be f**king sweet!”

A couple heads turned, and few shhs echoed through the aisles. They guy with the brown hair they were talking about looked up, a little annoyed: he was reading a good book, dammit!

“Well that’s good shit; it always sucks when bloggers lose interest, get girlfriends, start doing stuff, ect…..anything that keeps them from writing.”

“Yah, I even talked with him for a few minutes: he watched the first half of the Giants game last night, and though he hasn’t talked about the dreaded Super Bowl all summer, all he could thinking while watching the season opener was: how in the Hell did the Pats lose to NY? How?? But maybe this season will bring closure; he certainly hopes it will!”

Suddenly, John slammed his notebook shut. He picked up his magazines.

“Dude, I’m out of here, now’s not the time to talk about this. I gotta go to work.”

“Alright, dude, well thanks for the update.”

“Yah, no problem man. What are you doin later?”

“Me and Wendy are going bowling. After that….whatever.”

“Alright, cool man, well look, I’ll give you a call.”

“Alright. Later.”

Walking out of the library, John stopped by to talk to the dude with brown hair at the table for a couple minutes. After shooting the shit, he bounced.


One thought on “Conversations at a Library (Things to Come??)

  1. Mark Leone says:

    Gary Just want to give you a holla, and let you know i’m waiting for your next post bro. Started off 1 and 1 in softball. Lost to lil B’s team tonight.

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