My MySpace Has A Virus

Someone recently informed me that my MySpace page has a virus; she suggested I create a new account.

I think instead of creating a new account, I’ll officially say “Screw MySpace!”  (Although I did want to put a cool video up…ohh well).

But seriously….how does one’s MySpace page get infected by a virus?  And why does it feel like I have an STD?

Maybe its because the root of all evil is in accepting friends you don’t know… Candi and Miss Buttercup.  I think its funny to accept total strangers like this as my friends, when in actuality they’re scummy companies trying to sell penis enlargement equipment.  Call me weird.

But I guess all my fooling around on MySpace has finally caught up to me….I have contracted the MySpace virus.  I feel so dirty.

Not that Facebook’s any better….I’m already getting fake messages from my friends about buying ringtones at so-and-so website.  The thing is I’ve behaved myself on Facebook…..I haven’t made friends with girls that look like strippers or Felt Club Boston, for the most part.  So I think I should be good.
But I guess thats what happens when you throw a bunch of people into the same “social network” and tell them to go “socialize.”  Eventually, some kind of unsanitary disease is going to start to spread.

Then again, we could just blame this breakout on the zombies and werewolves that keep biting people.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run… quota for blog typing is up for the day.

Remember…..Practice Safe MySpace!


8 thoughts on “My MySpace Has A Virus

  1. E.J. says:

    Im curious about your “MySpace” virus. As it is an impossibility unless your account was phished and someone manually chagned the information on the account. If you would like to email me your firend ID I will gladly look into it.

  2. liv4day says:

    Hooray! I love this blog. I have both as well. I only accept from people that I actually know

  3. Mr. Ralphy Snipkins says:

    Dear Second Favorite Blogster,

    Well, look at you saving the world one myspace account at a time! My 17 myspace accounts are safe now and all thanks to you. I will no longer accept nasty boys and gals as my friends. Why do I have 17 myspace accounts? None of your beeswax…that is why!

    I have to go now because I am popular. If you happen to find to find Okra smothered in Indian spices please send them my way. Wherever my way is…

    Sincerely, Ralphy S.

  4. Jasen Sousa says:

    What’s up Greg? I really enjoyed reading this post from you. Mad humor and truth running throughout. Just wanted to let you know the Somerville book is coming along. Hope you doing ok, i’ll sure i’ll check u around soon.



  5. Jay says:

    Thanks for the yelp review Greg. Blog Again!

  6. Val says:

    Hey Gary, you think AIDS has a myspace page?

  7. Christopher Netanyahu says:

    I have a music virus on myspace…Every time I go to my profile page a song comes on…I removed all my music players, but the song still comes on…Help

  8. Connie says:

    Greg, rest assure its not from accepting strangers as friends.

    I don’t accept anyone that I don’t already know and I got a virus. I got it when I first logged in.

    I clicked sign in, and started myspacing. About 20 seconds later Mcafee informed me that they had blocked a trojan. A few more seconds later a virus removing software popped up.

    I tried to report it to myspace, but the virus wouldn’t let me: it kept blocking me. Ah well, myspace burnt me. That’s what I get for cheating on FACEBOOK =)

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