Dunk Contest Loose Ends

Hey, I’m wrtiting again!  (Don’t get your hopes up….I’m keepin it sparse.)

 Anyway, last night’s All-Star Extravagana was pretty enjoyable, up until the Dunk Contest, when it got real fun.

Just a couple things: 

The right guy won: Dwight Howard, after getting screwed last year, won the title.  But I do want to point out….it was an awkward place for Gerald Green (the runner-up, last year’s champ).  I mean, seriously: everyone knew it was already over.  I mean…EVERYBODY.  But Gearld went out, and dunked through his legs….with no shoes on.  And if anything…everyone seemed annoyed & un-impressed, save Dr. J.  Does anyone realize how nuts this?  He was insocks!  He didn’t deserve to win, but he atleast deserved a little credit.

 Then it got worse…..the judges made their decisions.  Darryl Dawkins pretty much did his best to embarrass Green, stating over the loudspeaker that there was no reason to vote.  Everyone knew who won.  Dr. J was gracious in putting Green down.  But then we had to wait even longer…for the damn text messages, a la American Idol.  I’m all about the fans voting….but did we really need to drag out another ten minutes, whwn everyone knew who won, and Green was standing around like an ass?  Obviously, the NBA & TNT think so.

One more thing….they had a best of the Dunk Contest before anything started.  But they didn’t go over the biggest screw-job in the history of the event: Nate Robinson winning over Andre Igoudala in 2006.  Pre-pos-po-rus.  (I’m still bitter…I put ten bucks on Andre.)

So, in honor of Andre, who received absolutely no love in 2006, or last night, here are his absolutely insane dunks from that night, when he got screwed royally.

Until Next Time,



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