And Justice For All Smells Like Poop.

Some movies just suck.

One of these movies is And Justice For All.

It took two hours of my life last night.  It starred Pacino in 1979, along with the guy from Coach, and Uncle Junior from the Sopranos, so it should have been good, but it wasn’t.  It was really bad.

I’ll post the only scene worth watching.  Wish I could type more about this freakin dud.




A Hot Tune for Your Sweet Ass…

I like music, especially hot tunes.  Call me a simpleton (simpleton=a word that should be used more these days), but here’s a video of a hot tune (Joe Simon) being played to a still picture of Cleopatra Jones.

There are some things that need to be appreciated in this world: hot tunes, Cleopatra Jones, cheese & wine are just some these.  Enjoy & Appreciate.

Peace Out.
(Note:  Atleast one of my friends will probably hate this post.  And he knows who he is…..).


Until Next Time,


Movie Suggestion

Movie Suggestion of the Week:

The Show, 1994.  A look at the world of Hip-hop at the time, produced by Russell Simmons.  There are some absolutely priceless moments involving Method Man & U-God getting in a fight, Slick Rick being in jail, Treach being the Man, and Nate Dogg being THE FREAKIN MAN.

Also, there’s Biggie.

So there’s that.


One Sentence Blog Entry, Part 1: The Future of Yearbooks

These one sentence blog entries will be the par while I am injured:  (Note: Not Necesarily one Sentence):

Question:  My friend mentioned last night that he has searched for his high school yearbook, but can’t find it anywhere.  He graduated in 1998.  His pictures, memories, autographs, ect, are lost.

Is it inevitable that eventually high school year books will soon be online?  Will students still receive the leather bound books?  Will they have to pay more?  Will it become something the parents make their kids buy, like, “Trust me, YOU WANT AN ACTUAL BOOK.  (under breath) Damn kids these days….”

But most importantly: Would this be a good thing, a bad thing, or nothing to worry about either way?  I myself am not sure.