This Blog is Officially Injured

Looking down at his hands, he whispered these words:

“Why won’t you write? Why won’t you write?”

And looking back at him, the hand answered: “Because I’m hurt, because I’m hurt.”

And with that, the hand went to sleep.

So its official; I won’t be writing anything on here for a month. Atleast. Why, you ask?

Well, its sort of a long story, but to some it up quickly: I injured myself working out my biceps, and since I sit at a computer all day, my arm isn’t able to heal as quickly as it should, and long spouts of typing don’t do it good. I just met with my ergonomics specialist today, and thats the word on the street.

It sort of sucks, because I love to write, as some of you know, but it will give me some time to think, read, watch movies, work out my legs, practice yoga, ect, ect….

If there’s one thing I’ve learned its never rush an injury; I don’t want to make anything worse.

I wish I could write more for a send-off, but honestly, I need my arm to heal.

So with that, I’m off, to wait for my arm to heal for a month without typing anything on my blog.

Hopefully I will see some you back here when I am healed and writing again.

So long, peeps!

Until Next Time,



I’m Not on Strike

Just so everyone knows, I’m not involved with the writers strike, as someone was recently wondering. 

I’m just really busy right now, but I will start writing again eventually….I always does.