Blocking the Block

You Know What I Hate?

I hate when I stare at a computer screen all day, expecting to be able to write something cool, because all weekend I’ve been thinking about cool things to write…..and then when I sit down at the computer, everything I write sucks.

Seriously. Everything. I. Write. Sucks.

So, in order to atleast post something, since I will not be very available for the next month or so, seeing as I’m gonna be burned out from work during our busiest time, here are some videos and whatnot.

Dammit, dammit, dammit……of all the days to get writer’s bloc, why today?

Here’s Kurt Vonnegut discussing Writer’s Bloc: If you haven’t read a Vonnegut book yet, you need to read one before you die. Seriously…’ll thank me when you die.

Here’s the Knights from Monty Python’s Holy Grail fighting a rabbit. Why post this? Because its funny, dude; because its funny.

Okay….I think I’m starting to block the Bloc. Deep breath.

Here we go:

Why I Don’t Write When I’m around My Friends:

There are few reasons why I don’t write when I hang out with friends; namely, its anti-social.

But another reason is sabotage. Yes, if you are writing in a blog while hanging out with friends, and get up to go the bathroom, and forget that it is up, bad things can happen. This happened recently while watching football. I was trying to write a post on which movie is more unintentionally gay: Karate Kid II or Roadhouse. I don’t think I’m going to finish this; I’ve already lost interest. But my buddy Mark, who I usually watch football with on Sundays, had his own input that he wanted to add to the matter. Here’s how it reads:

“But it got me thinking: I’m starting to question my sexuality. From the first day i saw KKII my outlook on men and women have changed. When watching Roadhouse i think patrick swayze: Good looking guy nice ass. Cause you know we all enjoyed that shot of his buns when he wakes up in the morning to that lady greeting him with a cup of coffee. But any ways im getting ahead of myself. I dont find patrick swayze attractive. But the KKII kid is hot. Comon whats hotter than a guy standing on a BIG tree log on one foot, then thrusting the other foot vigoursouly hard. OOOOOHHHHH HARD is a great word but thats for another blog…..But i digresss. I forgot my point but listen everyone needs to love the penis and get back at me. My name is greg. and if you want a good time with another man…(Ladies I’m gay so dont call) Hit me up fellas. Love ya bunches. G-Tard.”

There’s really nothing else to say here. Blog sabotage is an ugly, ugly thing. For any ladies reading this: No, KKII did not change my sexuality; I am not gay. Also, I usually don’t go by G-Tard; I am definitely not going to start signing out like this.

I really just wanted to show this to emphasize a point: If you are a blogger, be careful about Blog Sabotage. Even your best friends might strike.

He’s lucky I didn’t kick his freakin ass, like Commando would have.

(I think my favorite part of Commando are the steel drums….really sets the mood for murder and destruction. Although every part of this movie is great…..and don’t ever forget it.)

Note: I made my football picks, I just don’t feel like copying and pasting them right now. Deal with it.

Okay…..before I go.

My favorite movie directors in the world are Joel and Ethan Coen. Their new film, No Country for Old Men, has just been released. It is based on the 2005 novel written by Cormac McCarthy.

I’ve seen it twice. The first time I saw, I thought it was great, but felt that I missed a few things. I returned a week later to watch it again.

Seeing it twice was essential: everything came full circle. And after my second viewing, I will say the following: This may be their best film yet, as strange as it is to even say that (every film they make is phenomenal [biased alert! biased alert!]). It is an absolute masterpiece, one way or the other. The entire film is exciting and awesome (not at all slow or boring), but the last twenty minutes of the film may be the most phenemenal twenty minutes of a film I’ve ever seen. The final three scenes are beyond pivotal: they’re magnificent.

This is where it was important to watch it twice: the first time viewing it, these scenes are tough to grasp. There is a lot of stuff going on, and its easy to miss what is being said.

But the second time I watched, I paid attention to every single word spoken in the final three scenes. And then, as the movie ended, I sat in the movie theatre, mumbling, “Holy shit,” over and over. Its that kind of ending; an absolute Grand Slam. The Coen Brothers always get you thinking; their movies are Candy for the Brain. But this movie felt even different than most: I was thinking, but I wasn’t sure what I was thinking about. I can’t emphasize enough how incredible this movie is.

Anyway, I’ll go now.

Until Next Time,



One thought on “Blocking the Block

  1. Jay says:

    Where’s the Beef? is this some stunt to try and show your unity with the writers strike?

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