My Finger!!

I was going to type a lot of stuff (honest), but my finger feels weird.

First off: If you read my Pink Floyd thing, I wrote more: check it out.

My finger’s getting worse; my whole hand is becoming numb.

Quick random facts before I get pissed:

Random Music Fact: DJ Shadow’s 1996 debut solo album, Endroducing….., was the first album to use only samples from other records on it as audio (one drum machine was used to create beats). He was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the feat.

Its shooting up my entire arm…..I can’t do this….I need to get my picks in, and then worry about if I’ll never be able to type at a computer again.

typing with lefthand only

home team in CAPS

Jack + 4 over TENN This just seems to close. Both teams are tough. I imagine this to be a real battle. Two good running backs (Lendale White & Jone-Drew) going at it. I think its a two or three point game.

KC -3 over Denver: Denver is not very good, and they’re playing a hot KC team at Arrowhead. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that KC wins by atleast a touchdown.

Buffalo -3 over MIAMI: No way Miami covers. Buffalo’s actually decent…I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami goes winless. I ain’t taking them until they win a game.

Cleveland +10 over PITTSBURGH: This is a tough one: Cleveland’s playing well, but Pitt is playing great, and they’re playing at home. But Cleveland is fiesty enough that I don’t want to put 10 points against them…..I’ll take the points.

NEW ORLEANS -10.5 over St. Louis: Surprise of the week: Finding Drew Brees on waivers in my work Fantasy League, which was a mini-miracle (obviously somewhat of a amateur league if he’s on waivers in the first place).

The funny thing about New Orleans: I kept putting my faith into these guys in the beginning of the season, and they kept playing like crap. It was like they were determined to prove to everyone that, “Hey, we don’t care what you think, WE ARE NOT GOOD. We don’t care if you believe in us, or if we were great last year and have no logical reason to be bad….WE ARE GOING TO LOSE!!!” I finally got sick of backing them.

Now, all of the sudden, they’re great again. Drew Brees is a fantasy monter. I just don’t get it. What the Hell happened? Why were they bad in the first place? Is it something in the water down there?

Anyway, I assume they’re good again; doesn’t make much sense, but whatever. And I assume they’ll smoke the Rams.

CAROLINA -3.5 over Atlanta: Atlanta’s really not that bad, but I just can’t back them at all this year: too much bad karma. As for Carolina: I’m rooting for them soley for fantasy reasons. So I’m picking them because I have to.

WASHINGTON -3 over Philly: This game should be easy for the Skins. Should be. Ofcourse, that doesn’t mean much these days.

GREEN BAY -6 over Minnesota: If it was in the Dome, it’d be a different story. But its not; on grass, in the cold, I think Green Bay runs the table.

BALTIMORE -3.5 over Cincy: Uggggh. That’s all I can think about when looking at these two teams. The two teams I would absolutely not gamble on in the entire league are playing each other. I hope the game ends in a 0-0 tie at the end of overtime. But it won’t: one of these cretin teams will win. I hate them both.

Funny side story: Chris Henry, troubled Cincy receiver, is absolutely hilarious. I want to finish this up, so instead of me posting a link, go to Deadspin and search for it.

Chicago -3.5 over OAKLAND: Uggggh…..two more teams I hate. Whatever…..I hope they both die.

GIANTS +1.5 over Dallas: Way to little respect for the G-Men, at home.

Detroit +1.5 over ARIZONA: This is one of those “HMMMM…….” games, if you know what I mean. I’ll take the underdog.

Indy -3.5 over SAN DIEGO: Indy ain’t a fluke….they coulda beat the Pats last week. Heading into Sunny California, they should be angry, which is bad for the Bolts.

I am, however, hoping for big things from Antonio Gates. Hey Philip Rivers….stop sucking so hard.

San Fran +9.5 over SEATTLE: Sure, its a long shot…..but it might make my Monday night more interesting to root for San Fran.

Last Week: 10-4

Overall: 69-53-7

Note: My hand feels a little bit better, so, for your effort:

Random Sports Trivia: Lou Gerhig was the first pro athlete to have his number retired. He was #13.

Until Next Time,


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