Damn, I Wish I Wrote Yesterday.

I haven’t been writing much lately, but Friday night, out of nowhere, ideas started flying around my head again.

It felt good; I hadn’t had any good ideas in awhile.

I started writing Friday night, couldn’t finish what I started, so I decided to dedicate a large part of my Saturday to my writing.

I woke up feeling fresh: first, I ran to local hardware store, grabbed some lag screws, and finally fixed my damn creaky bed.  I was making progress, getting things done.

But then my day fell apart when my roomate started watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I sat down with him, and I wasted away about 4 hours because the show is incredible.

So that’s why I didn’t write yesterday; now I’m pissed.

I’m also mad because I feel like shit this morning, I need to get my picks in because I have to finish what I started, I don’t feel like writing, and now I have a bunch of unfinished shit, and my laundry’s not finished.

Whatever….here’s my picks.

Home team in CAPS.

Washington -4 over JETS:  I hate to sound like a hardcore homer, but this is the way it is right now:  there a really good teams in the NFL right now, there are a lot of bad/mediocre teams in this league, and then there’s the Patriots.  Seriously, the Pats are in a league of their own (although it will be interesting to see how they do against the Colts today).  Anyway, my point is that the Redskins are a good team, even if they got slaughtered by the Pats last week.  Remember, the Pats are playing on a whole different plane right now; they’re almost sub-human.  Going into the Meadowlands to play a mediocre Jets team, I think the Redskins get right back on track and come out a with a good win.

Green Bay +2.5 over KANSAS CITY:  This is a tough one to call.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Chiefs are good, especially at home.  On the same hand, Green Bay is a team who have proven to be good, but susceptibable to stupid mistakes.  Its a tough one to call, as displayed by the spread.

What I think happens is that its tight all game, maybe even overtime, but in the end, Green Bay squeaks out with a win.  Don’t know why…..its just what I think.

TAMPA BAY -3.5 over Zona:  I’ll make this statement right now:  Jeff Garcia has had a better overall career than Donovan McNabb.  There….I said it.

TENNESSEE -5 over Carolina:  We’ll see what happens (I got nothing else….sorry).

San Fransisco +3 over ATLANTA:  Screw Atlanta.

Jacksonville +3.5 over NEW ORLEANS:  Another tough game……I think Jacksonville takes it (I’m running short on time….these little blurbs are gonna start sucking).

DETROIT -3 over Denver:  Go Detroit.

BUFFALO +1 over Cinncinati:  No way Cincy wins this game in Buffalo…no way.

MINNESOTA +7 over San Diego:  I think this game ends up close.

CLEVELAND -1 over Seattle:  Is Cleveland really favored in this game?  Am I really taking them?  Yup….yup I am.


Houston +3 over OAKLAND:  This is a spite pick….I hate Oakland right now.

Dallas -3.5 over PHILLY:  Ride ’em Cowboys (wow, that was lame).

PITTSBURGH -9.5 over Baltimore:  This game sucks…..seriously.

Okay…..this may have been the crappiest post I’ve ever written….but I hope to be back soon with other stuff.

Last Week:  9-4

The Season:   59-49-7

I’ll write about something else soon….promise.

Until Next Time,



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