Its Sunday mornin…time to do some picks, kid!

Yes, the blog is gettin lame again….has been lame for a little while.

But I need to keep track of my picks….I need to finish what I started.

Here we go:

Home team in caps:

Cleveland -3 over ST. LOUIS: St. Louis is hands down the worst team in football. Bulger’s playing a little better, and they’re playing at home, and Cleveland isn’t all that great….but it doesn’t matter, I can’t put any faith in the worst team in football right now.

CHICAGO -6 over Detroit: Detroit is frisky, but I can’t put any faith in these guys, especially playing on the road in the Windy City. Chicago may be underachievers, but Detriot is underachieves and overachieves at the same time, and that makes me crazy enough to stay the Hell away from them.

Indy -7 over CAROLINA: I smell a blow out.

Giants -10 over Miami (game played in London): This spread slid up to a solid ten over the last few days. It doesn’t matter….you still have to take the Giants here. Both teams are at a disadvantage, seeing as they had to fly over the Atlantic and everything, so it might be a bit sloppy. But the Giants have no business not winning by atleast two touchdowns here. They are a good team; the Dolphins suck.

Oakland +7 over TENNESSEE: I think Oakland keeps it close….but I don’t think they win.

MINNESOTA +1 over Philly: Goin with the homedog.

Pittsburgh -4 over CINCY: I think this is the easiest line of the week. Pittsburgh should come into Cincy and tear apart the soft-bellied Bengals. Should.

Buffalo +3 over JETS: Tough game to call…these teams are almost identical in their mediocrity. Just going with Buffalo for the Hell of it.

SAN DIEGO -9.5 over Houston: A lot people might decide that San Diego has been rattled too much by the wildfires goin on in their home town right now, leading to a crappy game. I think the opposite. I think for the two hours they are on the field, they absolutely unleash the Beast of Fury on Houston as a way of venting aggrevation.

TAMPA BAY -3.5 over Jacksonville: Kind of wish I could watch this one…its on at the same time as the Pats, so I’ll be a little distracted. This should be a good, tough game. I think Tampa comes out on top.

New Orleans -2.5 over SAN FRAN: New Orleans gives me a headache.

NEW ENGLAND -15 over Washington: Well, the spread has come down a little bit, but its still pretty high against a good Redskins team. Well see what happens today.

Green Baay +3 over DENVER: Green Bay…..I guess.

Later kids,

Enjoy the World Series if that’s your thing.

Last Week: 6-7

The Season: 50-45-7

Until Next Time,



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