Writing/picks during a tough time

Its been a tough week; its never easy to lose a friend.

Never take a day for granted.

Picks: (home teams in caps)

NEW ORLEANS -3 over Carolina: OK……I don’t want to take New Orleans. I don’t like New Orleans. I don’t like Reggie Bush. I used to like Drew Brees, but I lately I can’t say I do. I still like Sean Payton, although that may change soon. It just seems like New Orleans has no spunk.

But logical thought must prevail here: David Carr is starting for Carolina. David Carr, who I once thought was good, seems to be stuck in the “Well, I’m supposed to get sacked, so I mine as well get sacked and suck,” mindset, brought on from playing in a terrible offense for his entire career. The rest of the team doesn’t impress me, despite Steve Smith’s nastiness.

And, above all else: New Orleans has to win. Has to. And coming off a bye, playing at home, I don’t see them losing by more than three.

KANSAS CITY +.2.5 over Jacksonville: I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I’m sick of backing Jacksonville. They don’t have a consitent quarterback, a consistent running game, or any kind of consistency to speak of. And Kansas City, coming off a huge win, is playing at home. I’ll take the points and hope Kansas City can step up at home.

The only problem: Herm Edwards is coaching the team.

Detroit +3.5 over WASHINGTON: I see these teams being almost even. They’re both better than people thought at the season’s start. I just like Detroit a little better. I don’t know what it is. Maybe its Jon Kitna. Maybe its Roy Williams. I don’t know. I’m gonna stick with the cats.

TENNESSEE -8 over Atlanta: Tennessee is a damn good team, and they’re getting the respect they deserve here. I see them winning by two touchdowns, atleast.

HOUSTON -5 over Miami: Tricky game. I have this feeling that Miami is going to cover, maybe even win. It doesn’t help that Andre Johnson is out. But I just can’t put my faith in Miami, even if they are 5 point dogs. I’ll hope Houston covers.

PITTSBURGH -6 over Seattle: Something a lot of people maybe forgot after Pittsburgh lost to Arizona last week: they are still a very good team. They were simply outcoached by Ken Whisenhunt, who left last year to take the Zona job, and knew the team inside and out. Seattle’s good, but I see Pitt beating them good this week.

NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over Cleveland: Go Pats.

Zona -3.5 over ST. LOUIS: Zona is a good team; they should be able to win on a road against a team that isn’t good. It doesn’t matter that they’re the Rams in the Dome……they aren’t good, and they shouldn’t win.

GIANTS -3.5 over JETS: Here’s to Plaxico Burress keeping my fantasy season alive.

INDY -9.5 over Tampa Bay: I like Tampa Bay, but I just don’t see them hanging with Indy in Indy. They’ll probably hang for a while and give Indy a scare, but Indy’s got too much firepower.

DENVER PK over San Diego: This might be a pretty good game: two underachievers battling it out. I don’t like Denver; I just don’t know if San Diego is awake yet.

SAN FRAN + 3.5 over Baltimore: Baltimore giving 3.5 points on the road? No freaking way.

GREEN BAY -3.5 over Chicago: This game may seem trickier than it should: Green Bay is a good team. Chicago is not good right now, due to defensive injuries and the lack of a decent QB. There really shouldn’t even be much thought put into it. This spread is whack. On Sunday night, at Lambeau, I think Favre throws three touchdowns, and Griese three picks. Devin Hester will probably waste his breathe running back two kickoffs for touchdowns.

DALLAS -10.5 over Buffalo: Dallas is really good; Buffalo ain’t.

Last Week: 8-6

This Season: 33-23-6

Until Next Time,



One thought on “Writing/picks during a tough time

  1. Kev says:

    Jay Payton is an outfielder for the Orioles. Sean Payton is the coach of the Saints. Come on guy.

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