Friday Morning Bloggin

A Disclaimer:  Every post I write regarding NFL picks bites Bill Simmons.  No way around it. 

Some quick thoughts before I go to work on Friday, Sep. 28:

When you say you’re on hiatus from something, it really makes it easier to write. I’ve wanted to write all week. Unfortunately, when you’re schedule is filled with work, work related events, softball, various odd jobs, and shooting the shit with people, you don’t have time to write. But really….I’ve been trying to write.

A week old thought no one cares about anymore: For anyone who watches baseball, the whole Milton Bradley thing was the strangest, most bizarre thing I have ever seen. And it sucks: because now San Diego, a small market team in the playoff, loses two of its best guys (Mike Cameron and Milton Bradley). While Milton’s icing that ACL, he should really check into an anger management class. The guy with the coolest name in baseball shouldn’t be such a hothead.

A revelation: I may be one of the worst fantasy football players of all time. I make absolutely terrible trades. Its what I do.

Fashion Help: I’ve been brainstorming for awhile, and can’t think of anything: does any have any Halloween costume suggestions. I usually go for something that’s more funny than serious, and something which I can act out (for example, last year I was K-Fed, and I actually was K-Fed (or my interpretation of him) until I woke up the next morning. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, drop me a line.

Alright, enough screwing around: Here my Week Four NFL picks with the spread:

Home team in caps

Oakland +4 over MIAMI: I don’t see why Miami is favored by this much, even if they are playing at home: Oakland’s a better team, and had a fluky loss with that missed field goal at the end.

Houston -3 over ATLANTA: Here’s a rule you can live by: pick against Atlanta as if you’re life depends on it. There’s some bad karma goin on down there.

Baltimore -4.5 over CLEVELAND: This almost seems like a trap game: Cleveland beat Bengals at home a couple weeks ago, and Baltimore’s offense is painful to watch. Seems like Cleveland might be the pick here. But don’t forget: a) Cleveland let Cincy score forty something points in that game, and b) Baltimore actually has a defense, unlike Cincy. So if I was you…..I’d take Baltimore.

Chicago -3 over DETROIT: I’m excited for the Griese era! It would have been more fun to bring back Kyle Orton, perhaps, but Griese’s much more logical. Hopefully this leads to more touchdowns for Bernard Berriam. One can only hope. In the meantime, I’ll pick the Bears and see if they can actually do anything.

Green Bay -2 over MINNESOTA: Green Bay is good; Minnesota is decent. I’ll take the good team over the decent.

DALLAS -13 over St. Louis: St. Louis sucks. I don’t care about the points; they suck.

BUFFALO +3.5 over Jets: This was the toughest pick of the week. I can’t decipher much between these two aside from their records. But it seems like as good a time as ever for the Bills to come out with a win.

Tampa Bay +3 over CAROLINA: Another tough pick. I’d like to think Carolina wins here, but Tampa Bay’s been too fiesty to ignore.

Seattle -2 over SAN FRAN: Seattle has the lay down the hammer if they expect to contend this year. I think they will here.

Pitt -6 over ZONA: Go with Pitt. Go with Pitt.

SAN DIEGO -12 over Kansas City: There is no way San Diego doesn’t demolish KC; absolutely no way. To quote Tom Green from Roadtrip: It’s gonna be a bloodbath.

INDY -9.5 over Denver: I see touchdowns. Lots of touchdowns. And all of them for the Colts.

Philly -2.5 over GIANTS: I’d like to think Philly would keep the momentum going after last week’s murder of Detroit. Like to. With these guys you never know, though. They could just as well suck. I’ll put my faith into them for now.

New England -7.5 over CINCY: Pats on Monday night, baby. Can’t wait.

Last Week’s Record with the spread: 9-5-2

Overall: 25-17-6

Well, time to go to work; it was nice chatting.

Until Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Friday Morning Bloggin

  1. Kev says:

    MIKE Cameron son, MIKE.

  2. Jay says:

    Steal the Arnold the Ardvark costume and wear that, I’d enjoy it.

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