Still on Hiatus: Just Writing Some Football Picks

Picks with the spread for Week 3 (for anyone wondering….I have not read Bill Simmons this week.):

Home team in caps

Indy -6 over HOUSTON: This one’s bugging me. Its one of those games that features the following: one team that you hate to bet against because they’re good, but another team that has covered twice and has a good vibe about them. I’ve picked Houston twice and they’re covered each time. But with Andre Johnson out (last I heard), I can’t go with Houston. That being said….I think they’ll keep covering for awhile despite disrepect.

GREEN BAY +5.5 over San Diego: Another game that scares me. San Diego, talented as they are, looks weak. It may be because they have a coach who is known to be sort of weak (Norv Turner). That being said….any team with this much talent, with this much anger pent up (they’ve lost two straight), will end up killing someone. The team they are playing happens to be Green Bay, who just like Houston, continues to cover and be underrated. Now, San Diego played better teams the last two weeks (Chicago and New England), and I know San Diego’s time to unleash is here…..but I just don’t feel right picking against Green Bay.

Minnesota +3 over KANSAS CITY: The only reasons, in my opinion, that Kansas City is favored: 1) Tavaris Jackson is doubtful (groin); 2) The Chiefs are playing at home, which happens to be Arrowhead Stadium, by most accounts the most difficult stadium to visit and play in. But frankly: The Chiefs just suck too bad. I don’t care who the Vikings quarterback is, or where they’re playing: there’s no way the Viks should lose this game, let alone by more than 3 points.

Detroit +6 over PHILLY: Detroit is just one of those teams that I really like this year: they play well. And Philly is a team I don’t like: I don’t get a good vibe at all. Despite the fact that they’re on the road, I see Detroit covering.

NEW ENGLAND -16.5 over Buffalo: I just want everyone to know: I will always be totally, unbelievably irrational when picking the Pats.

JETS -3 over Miami: Two fairly lousy, fairly boring teams. I think the Jets are better, so I think they pull this one out.

PITTSBURGH -9.5 over San Fran: Something that no one seems to be talking about: Pittsburgh seems pretty good. Good enough to consistly cover despite being 10 point favorites.

Zona +7.5 over BALTIMORE: I don’t trust Baltimore with a -7.5 point spread: I don’t care who they’re playing, or where they’re playing, I don’t trust them.

TAMPA BAY -3.5 over St. Louis: Its time to admit two things: Tampa Bay is better than we thought, and St. Louis is not as good as we thought.

DENVER -3 over Jacksonville: This spread seems perfect. I like Denver just this much more than Jacksonville.

SEATTLE -3 over Cincy: Two teams that I don’t like to put much faith in, atleast at this point in the season. I’ll go with the crowd/weather of Seattle.

OAKLAND -3 over Cleveland: Give me Oakland all day. I don’t care if Cleveland scored 51 points last week….Oakland has a defense.

Carolina -4 over ATLANTA: Umm, Atlanta sucks. I’m predicting a 6 touchdown game for Steve Smith.

Giants +3.5 over WASHINGTON: God, the New York media is ridiculous: the Giants lose two games in a 16 game season, and its a lead story on Sportscenter? Are you kidding me!? What, were the Giants supposed to good? Did I miss something? Why this is national news is beyond me. But while everyone is talking about how much the Giants suck, I’ll take them as 3.5 underdogs to the Redskins (and hope Plax gets some touchdowns).

CHICAGO -3 over Dallas: Chicago has one of the most ferocious defense’s ever…..being held back by a ferociously incompetent/unpredictable quarterback. Rex Grossman is just good enough to hold a starting job as a quarterback in the NFL. The problem: just good enough is never good enough in the NFL. Until the Bears grow some cojones and replace Rex, they will never accomplish anything.

NEW ORLEANS -4 Tennessee: New Orleans has got to wake up at some point: now is as good a time as ever.

Last Week’s Totals with the Spread: 10-4-2

Year’s Total with the Spread: 16-12-4

Until Next Time,


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