Fact of the Day

Did you know that the man who invented Atari…..also invented Chuck E. Cheese’s?  It’s true.  Here’s what I wrote a couple weeks ago.

Do you know who Nolan Bushnell is? Well, you should. In the 1970s, he, along with a few choice individuals, single-handedly started the home video game culture that we know today by creating the Atari gaming system. But this isn’t the half of it. Bushnell is credited with having started over 200 companies, and one of his more successful start-ups was none other than Chuck E. Cheese’s. Which means that the man who created Atari, ten years later created Chuck E. Cheese’s.

I can’t decide if this makes all the sense in the world, or none at all.  (Learned while watching a Modern Marvels marathon on History Channel a couple months ago).

While we’re here:

My picks last week with the spread: 10-4-2

Year’s total:  16-12-4

Fantasy Record: 1-1, total points 198.01.

I put that stuff there cause I can.

I’ll be talking to ya.

Until Next Time,



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