Football Stuff

Hi, I’m here to write some quick hit football thoughts from the weekend, if you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you.  Actually, I do….I’m sorry.

Before I get started, read this: its a lot better than the crap I’m about to write (if you’re easily offended by potty jokes/crude humor, don’t read it).

Well, first off…….how bout that Brittany Spears.   Damn Brit….might wanna take it easy on the downers.  You know, so you look like you’re awake in public…or when you’re singing at the VMAs.  You can watch Brittany’s awful lip-synching performance at MTV’s website, and you can watch Kid Rock trying to fight Tommy Lee over Pamela Anderson.  Damn….looked like I picked the wrong week to quit watching the VMAs.  But whatever……I was watching Plaxico Burress get me three touchdowns and 34 points for my fantasy team (not that I won or anything).

But seriously…..Brittany looked downright confused.  It wasn’t even really enjoyable to watch.

Getting back to Football:  I am so, so, so very glad I didn’t put any money down on Baltimore at -2.5 tonight.  Watching the killer tandem of Steve McNair/Brian Billick made me frustrated out of my mind, and I don’t even like Baltimore.  Gool Lord…..I can’t imagine being a fan of them: it’d be like being a Pats fan back when Pete Carroll was the coach (ohh wait…..)

But the worst part of this game wasn’t the awful play calling by Billick, or the terrible ducks thrown by McNair (he actually did pretty decent for stretches), it was the officiating at the end:  after calling an absolutely AWFUL offensive pass interference, the same ref in essence made a make up call on the very next play, calling a defensive holding (which actually seemed legitimate).  Then, ofcourse,  on the five with first and goal, the Ravens threw a pick on third down.  To tell the truth….this may have been the most terrible game I’ve ever watched.

On a Happier Note:  The Pats won yesterday.  Won big.  Say what you want about Peter King (he’s nerdy, he’s old, he talks about his daughter in his column too much, he talks about coffee too much, he’s old, he’s a total dweeb, I FREAKIN HATE HIS GUTS), but the guy knows his football.  Probably better or as well as anyone out there.  And he hit it right on the nose in his Monday Morning Quarterback column this moring:  the most impressive part of the Pats win yesterday was the work of the offensive time.  My dad often says “The quarterback has time to make a ham sandwich back there,” if he’s given a lot of time.  Well, Brady could have carved a turkey in the backfield yesterday.  It was one of the only times I can remember when I actually got immense pleasure out of watching an offensive line play.  That’s maybe happened 1.5 times in my life.  But it happened yesterday.  My blood was flowing watching that pass protection.

Don’t get me wrong……when I think of Randy Moss’s performance, I get warm inside.  Ditto Ellis Hobbs.  Ditto Brady.  Ditto the defense.  But yesterday belonged to the O-Line….they get the game ball.

Well, its almost time to go.  Mike Mike and Mike are announcing the Arizona/San Fran game, which means I need to leave the room in order to avoid listening to the garbage which flows from Mike Ditka’s mouth (Golic, you’re my boy; Greenie, um, no.)

I’ll see ya’ll around.

Until Next Time,



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