Been A Long Time

“It’s been a long time since we’ve Rock and Rolled.”

Led Zepplin, Rock and Roll
It has been a long time.

Long time sit I’ve sat down and wrote anything worthwhile at the ole ‘bloggin hole. Anyway, I’m not gonna write anything worthwhile right now (sorry to get your hopes up, my four diehard readers, and various others who have stumbled upon this place), I just kinda want to get my thoughts together and let you know I’m still alive.

First…..I’m still alive. (Wheww, got that one off my chest.)

Second… may have noticed I wrote a creative story here about two weeks ago. Sometimes I just need to write like this… gives me a place to put all my energy and thoughts. The problem was it just didn’t fit in here; I’m all about being all over the place, but there’s a limit for everything, and to be talking about football one second, and really serious shit the next, is, well, just a little too much for me to handle.

So I’ve created a new site: Greg’s Wisdom of Words, found at I’ve already posted the story Rosie and the Packers over there. Haven’t decorated or set up shop yet…..but its there. When I do write creatively inspired stuff, I’ll let everyone know over here and post a link.

As for ordinary writing (what I’m doing now), I’ve definitely slowed down as of late. Moving apartments will do that to ya…..sort of kicks your ass. But I’ll be bac….its in my blood to write, so I’ll def be back.

I was drinkin a lot of coffee last week, and not any this week, which may be why I don’t seem to have any ideas right now: when you drink coffee you have hundreds of ideas, and when you stop, they go away. That’s why I don’t drink coffee for the most part (but I’m not gonna lie…..I love to write while drinking coffee. Get’s me cookin.).

Any, I’m pretty much just ramblin right now, so I’m gonna wrap this up:


It’s finally here. Sure College Football is cool, but it really isn’t even the same sport: at this point its like comparing apples and oranges. Two entirely different sports. And I just happen to enjoy the NFL more; its simply better played football (the best, actually).

But a couple notes from some college last weekend:

BC’s kicker sucks (two out of bounds kick offs….you gotta be kiddin me, guy).

Best, the running back on Cal, is phenomenal: if you get a chance, watch a Cal game on TV. He’s one of the fastest sprinters in the country, and he’s got moves to match.

NFL Note: So far, I’m 1 and 0 on the season picking games with the spread. Ofcourse, there’s a lot of games to go, but its a good way to start.

Alright, I’m out of here, I have feeling this is going to read like a diary. Sorry for the lack of style/effort.

Until Next Time,



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