Football Haikus

To anyone who thinks football and poetry can’t get along, I say: think again, pal.

These are some Football Haikus.   For those of you not familiar with the traditional haiku format, it consists of three lines and 17 sylables, usually going like so: 5,7,5.

As for the football side of it: the two poems featured here are describing two different defensive sets: the 3-4 and the 4-3.  The 3-4 consists of 3 down linemen in front, and four roaming linebackers behind them.  The 4-3 consists of 4 down linemen up front, and 3 linebackers behind them.  The 4-3 is the standard D in football, whereas the 3-4 is the more intricate, complicated version of D.  A coach can be much more creative with a 3-4, but it is tougher to put all the pieces together.

These two poems sum up, in haiku format, my thoughts on each defense.  Something tells me the relationship between poetry and football is going to be something beautiful.

Football Haikus:


If you run the ball,

Into the Gates of Hell,

The Fumble Will Come.


If you play it right,

Combining speed and smarts,

The Outcome is Bold.



2 thoughts on “Football Haikus

  1. Michaelangelo Conte says:

    A third and 10 poem
    Must cross its scrimmage line fast
    Or its punting time

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