A little Bubb Rubb for ya

Hey What’s up,

So I wanted to post something on Wednesday. I was gonna call it ‘Inspiring Video.’ I was going to write a few words, post an inspiring video, and leave it at that….something that’s quick, easy, and rewarding.

I even had the inspiring video in mind: Some of you may have seen or heard of the movie ‘Vision Quest.’ It’s probably the Godfather of all Wrestling movies (not that there are really that many wrestling movies). In it, the main character, a kid in high school, vows to lose 23 pounds in order to wrestle some dude. He goes through a number of physical and mental breakdowns (such as uncontrollable nosebleeds) as the movie goes on.

Honestly, I have extremely mixed views on this movie: On one hand, its one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen; on the other, it sends totally the wrong message to high school kids out there. I wrestled in high school and lost three pounds in one night one time: that was crazy enough. High school kids are easily molded, and watching this can probably lead to bad things. Then again, its a great movie. Its the ultimate double edged sword.

Anyway, the scene I was going to post is one of the most inspiring (I really need a thesaurus, I’m killing this word) clips from any movie I’ve ever seen. The kid decides not to go to the big match (I forget why), and instead shows up at his job at a local restaurant. The chef who he works with asks him what he’s doing there, and the kid (I think his name is Swaine), says he’s quit. And the chef proceeds to give one of the best sports movies speeches of all time. He talks about watching Pele at a soccer match, and how it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. This may sound stupid the way I just wrote it, but I’m telling: watching this scene made me want to jump off the couch and climb a big mountain, or run a bunch of miles, or do anything I wanted. Seriously. It gets ya pumped.

Well, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find this clip anywhere (seriously…..where are the diehard Vision Quest internet video junkies?)

So I got backtracked……and now its Friday, and instead I’ve decided to post the funniest, coolest, most awesome video ever.

Its about Bubb Rubb You may or may not know Bubb Rubb, but all you really need to know is that Bubb Rubb is the man. Seriously…I don’t need to say anything.

Answer me this…..is Bubb Rubb not the coolest guy in the world? I mean, imagine hanging out with this guy? It must be off the hook! First of all, his name is Bubb Rubb: you could actually tell your friends, “Nah, I can’t chill with you tonight, I’m hangin with Bubb Rubb.” That in itself is pretty cool. But Bubb Rubb also hangs out with someone named ‘Lil’ Sis.’ That puts him off the charts.

All of this doesn’t even mention that he’s the man. Honestly….I wish I could hang out with Bubb Rubb…..just one time.

And I almost forgot to mention….Bubb Rubb’s gotta re-mix. Check it.

Peace out ya’ll!!
Until Next Time,


[Note: if this seems rushed, it was…..I wrote this in about ten minutes before work started, cause my computer won’t work. Stupid computers.]

[Note: and then I had to edit this at noon, because most of the stuff I wrote this morning was absolutely ludacris. Just another reason why you shouldn’t rush things, kids.]


2 thoughts on “A little Bubb Rubb for ya

  1. Tom says:

    Greg, words cannot express my wanting to hang out with Bubb Rubb. He is probably the best driver I have ever seen.

  2. rob says:

    Bubb Rubb would be leader?…I am writting this at time when the dem/rep-primary is the main news of the day. Now for all of you, who have been following Clinton, Obama, and McCain stuff. All due respect to these fine political want to be leaders. They should thank their lucky stars the da-man Bubb Rubb, has not thrown in his Oakland Raiders hat into the political arena. He, with Little-Sis as his running mate (VP) would clean house I can just see the news clip of a ticked off Hilary Clinton blowing her stack saying,” what kind of candidate would run on the slogan, Woo Woo…She should know, “dats only in da mornin”….she would not have a prayer!

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