Optimus Prime: A True Role Model

In case you were wondering what I was doing tonight, here are my plans:

Transformers used to be one of my favorite cartoons……since I haven’t watched it in about 20 odd years, I’m a little rusty in my knowledge of the show. Naturally, I’ve been doing a little research.

Because we all deserve to witness great things, I am posting the following clip of Optimus Prime’s battle with Megatron. This video proves the following: The Transformers may have had some of the best music in cartoon history; Optimus Prime is the Freaking Man; One of the best lines in cartoon history may be, “I’ll rip out your Optics!”; Megatron is a total pussy; Optimus Prime is the Freaking Man; Hot Rod is a total Horse’s Ass.

With all due respect, if this doesn’t rivet you, then you are not my friend. Not only are you not my friend, I don’t ever want to meet you. If you see my on the street, and recognize me, walk the other way.

Long Live Optimus.

Until Next Time,



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