Random Radio Pick

Hi There,

As you may have noticed, I haven’t had time to write this week.  I have to say, it was probably the craziest week I’ve ever had at work, so that’s why.

But the real reason I’m stopping by?  To tell you about a radio program you should be listening to on Saturday afternoons.  I was driving around Boston at around 2pm last Saturday, and got tired of listening to the Red Sox on the radio (I don’t even really like baseball…..I like listening to it on the radio though…..go figure).  Anyway, I started flipping through the FM dials, and hit 88.9, Emerson University’s radio station.  I usually listen to this on weeknights for underground hip-hop, but they play all sorts of crazy crap the rest of the week. 

Well, at about 2pm on Saturday afternoon, they were playing Accapella stuff.  Accapella usually doesn’t jump out at me as something that’s all that cool.  But let me tell you….this accapella kicked ass.  Eric Clapton covers, Backstreet Boys covers, whatever…..it was great song after great song (I think any song you can recognize and say, “Hey, I know that song!” can be classified as a great song when it comes to accapella.)

But seriously….if the radio just isn’t doing for you on a random Saturday or Sunday afternoon, try All Accapella on 88.9 FM.  Or if you aren’t in Boston, you can stream ’em online

Anyway, I’ve gotta go, because I have to attend my Birthday Cookout here at my parents house (I turned the big 25 on Wednesday, June 6.)  I’ll be back with various projects I’m trying to finish…..but I am still kind of busy, so I’ll see how often I can post. 

Until Next Time,



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