The Most Memorable Nintendo Songs Of All-Time, Part 2

All videos have been provided by, the most comprehensive site you will ever need to visit regarding Nintendo games.

“I Feel Asleep.”

-Metal Gear, NES, 1987

The above is one of the many memorable quotes from the archives of old video games, this one found in the orginal Metal Gear… case you don’t know, it should have said “I fell asleep.” Ahh….the Golden Years of video games.

Anyway, I plan on talking about some original Nintendo music right now; ASAP. If you missed part one, here it is.

Okay….a few things before I get started. I will be looking specifically at music from NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games. I will not be rating them: I think that’s a task for someone else. I will take into account the quality of the game (I think it plays a factor as to how the music is heard), and I will also factor in how enjoyable the song is, whether it brings back old memories, how addictive the tune is, ect, ect, before I choose them. I won’t discuss them very deeply for now…..if you have issues or would like to discuss, leave some comments.

Okay, lets get started.

For now, we’ll keep them in one section: The Solids.These are solid songs from solid games that you can’t go wrong with.

Metroid, 1986.

Metroid is the story of a fighter in the future, fighting space pirates who attack space ships. It has one of the largest cult followings of any game. Here is the Wikipedia link.

The music is on a fairly short loop, but is unique and catchy. Great music for a great game.

Metal Gear, 1987:

Metal Gear is a military game that gained a major cult following into the 1990s. In 2005, to much fanfare, it was released on Sony’s Playstation 2. Here is the Wikipedia link.

The music is the original version consists of two parts: regular and frantic. I really enjoy the regular music: it has a sinister touch that Metroid’s doesn’t have (I would describe Metroid’s music as ‘heroic’ or ‘epic’.).

While watching this clip, look for the “I Feel Asleep!” quote.

Shadow of the Ninja, 1990.

This is a game that I know virtually nothing about. I was perusing the videos posted by, and happened to check out this game. I really liked the music. Here’s the Wikipedia link.

Kid Icarus, 1986.

Kid Icarus is a game somewhat similar in gameplay to Metroid; here’s the Wikipedia link.

The music for Kid Icarus changes with the levels, but all the tunes manage to stay stuck securely in one’s head.

One great thing about Kid Icarus is that it has five possible endings, depending on how well you finish the game (speed and lack of mistakes). You’ve gotta love the programmers way of keeping the game fresh, even after it had been beaten.

Ghosts and Goblins, 1986.

A few words need to be said about Ghosts and Goblins. Released in 1986, it is considered by many to be the most difficult video game of all-time, or atleast one of them. My good friend, who has beaten many video games (I don’t know if I’ve ever beaten a game), spent a great deal of his childhood playing this game, and then gave it a whirl for awhile last year….and never even beat the first level. That’s right….he spent about 8 years (granted, not straight) trying to beat the first level, and couldn’t do it. And he’s damn good at beating video games.

The funny thing about all this: there are only 6 levels in the game. If someone is good enough so that they finally beat it, a message comes up saying that the screen is an illusion created by Satan, and that the player must start over. The game then re-starts at level one: the only difference is that the difficulty is increased.

Can you imagine this? Being a kid, one can only dream of beating a game this difficult. To finally make it to the end, and to then realize that the entire game has to be re-played, at a higher level of difficulty….well, that’s just cruel. The programmers of this game were real jerks.

There is a 22 minute clip on Youtube of a guy beating this game: it is also the official world record. I actually sat and watched the whole thing. At the end, in typical Nintendo fashion, it says: “Congratulations. This Game is Happy End. Thank You.” Not an especially great prize.

For anyone interested in reading further on what may be the most difficult video game of all time, here’s the Wikipedia link.

Gradius, 1986.

Gradius is a great game. Anyone who doesn’t like the music from Gradius, well, isn’t my friend.

Here’s the Wikipedia link. Enjoy the tune.

1943: The Battle of Midway, 1988.

If you liked the music from Gradius, then this is right up your alley. Totally different….and yet, so similar. Here’s the Wiki link.

Kung Fu, 1985.

Yah, I know I’ve said this before……but if you don’t like the music from Kung Fu, then I’m not your friend.

(Before you say, “Hey, Kung Fu’s music sucks, its just some stupid bass line,” well, I just want you to know, that you suck, not Kung Fu.)

Here’s the Wiki link.

Spy Hunter, 1983.

Today’s discussion will end with the epic game Spy Hunter, which, interestingly enough, has no ending (you can’t beat it). There were rumors about a final level involving a graveyard, when the driver gets out of his car and begins running on foot….but these rumors have been pretty much squashed.

As for the music….well, its that tune that everybody knows…but I can’t seem to put a finger on what it is or whom composed it. Maybe one of you know. If you know the tune….help a brother out!

Here’s the Wiki link.

This post would not have been possible without the knowledge and insight of Kevin Canavan.

There were obvious absentees from today’s discussion: They will be covered when I write my next post regarding this subject.

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “The Most Memorable Nintendo Songs Of All-Time, Part 2

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  2. Alex says:

    I think the song in Spy Hunter is “Runaway” by Del Shannon. I can’t be sure since it has only been 15 years or so since I played it.

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