A Quick Look: Memorable Nintendo Songs, Part 1

The following post is done with the collaborations of Kevin Canavan in mind, and other individuals who have offered insight.

“A sold out house my first night back.  Do you have any idea what kinda pressure that is?  I could have been at home in my warm bed, playing Nintendo.”

-Richard Pryor

Ahh, the comforts of a video game system.  They’re always there for us: waiting for us after a long day at work, consoling us after a tough week at school, calling to us after a tough break up with a girlfriend.  Yes, sometimes unhealthy relationships are formed…..but its impossible to deny that video games are an intrical part of our lives in this day and age (particularly for males, ages 12-35).

I was reading Chuck Klosterman in Esquire a little while ago, and he was asking himself (or the readers, actually) why there weren’t any video game critics out there.  It was a good question.  I, myself, do not consider myself to be qualified to be a video game critic.  For one, I have never actually been good at video games (save for a few exceptions, like the Maddens [I was good, not great], and a few PC games).  But I still feel that they have molded my growing up years to an extent….and that in recent years, I have found a new found enjoyment in playing classic video games.  Its nostalgic…..they tend to take me down memory lane.

I think the seeds for this post were really posted three summers ago, when I was living in Vermont immediately following my graduation.  The house where I was living was an absolute dump, and people were in and out of there all summer, but the really important thing was that among all the clutter and random crap that had accumulated in that pigsty, there were two original Nintendo systems, and a handful of games.

There were three games that were primarily played that summer:  Paperboy (with my roomate), Bubble Bobble (with my friend who didn’t live there), and Dr. Mario (with my second roomate and her friends).  While I played these a little bit as a kid (I never actually had a Nintendo, so I never played that often), any time I play them now they remind me of that summer.  That’s a good thing, because that summer kicked ass.  But more importantly….I think its signifigant that video games, and particularly the songs associated with them, are now officially objects of nostalgia for a generation that continues to grow old, hold jobs, get married, and have kids.

So, without further ado, I present:

The Most Memorable Nintendo Songs that I Can Think of, in no particular order, Part 1:

This is Part 1 for the following reason:  I would love to sit here all night and type away, but I have a very busy day (and week) at work tommorrow, and my eyes have been playing serious tricks on me lately….but I still want to get this bitch started, so I’m not waiting around.

They will be organized into seperate catorgories, created by myself.  If you don’t like what I write…..write me a comment.

1)  Songs that are very good……but which simply don’t get the air time they deserve:

Ahh yes, we know these ones.  Usually they’re sports games…..because once these games start, the music is gone, and its simply sound effects.  A few of these come immediately to mind:

Blades of Steel:

Everyone knows and loves the music from the Sega version of Blades…..but the Nintendo one sort of gets lost in the shuffle.  Ofcourse the music is only played as the players skate around on the ice before playing….buts it a pretty upbeat little tune.  I like it.

Excite Bike:

This is a literally a little jingle that lasts for 8 seconds before the game starts….but its great.  Its a little on the goofy side even…..gets me in the mood to race bikes.  This is game is from 1984, which means the games and music hadn’t really evolved yet.  But its distinctive….and thats something you look for in Nintendo songs.  Another important aspect is that the game is tremendous……the better the game, the more memorable the music will be.  I think that’s one reason why people remember this 8 second long song.

And finally, what everyone’s been waiting for:

RC Pro-Am Racing:

A really good game……but one of the most fantastic Nintendo songs of all time.  It literally might be the only Nintendo game out there that I can say honestly pumps me up.  The only problem?  Its stuck in the intro, and is gone as soon as the game starts.  (But then….it was really never meant to be game play music).

This was one tough to find a good clip because the people posting the videos seemed to care more about the actual gameplay than the song (c’mon!!).

While this is great, it actually gets a little cut-off, so here’s a re-mix some dude made; its actually not too bad.  While its not the traditional Nintendo style, its the entire song, note for note.

These are three great Nintendo songs (one LEGENDARY) which really get screwed by not being gameplay music.  But, like I said earlier, they’re really not meant to be played to…so maybe its for the best.

I’ll be back with Part 2 soon.

Until Next Time,



One thought on “A Quick Look: Memorable Nintendo Songs, Part 1

  1. […] Anyway, I plan on talking about some original Nintendo music right now; ASAP. If you missed part one, here it is. […]

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