Neutered Basketball Association

Okay, this isn’t the blog I’ve been writing all week (not spending that much time on it….I’ve just been short on time).

Nope, with all the maddening suspensions that have been going on in NBA since the other night, I figured I had to chime in.  By chime in I mean post some links.  But before I post, I’d just like to say that the whole situation saddens me (for those who don’t know: in a wildly physical series between the Suns and Spurs that I wrote about a couple posts ago (on Mother’s Day), the heat finally rose to the point that the Suns star point guard Steve Nash was hip-checked by Robert Horry, leading to two Suns players taking about three steps off the bench, realizing what they had done, and quickly retreating.  Those two players happened to be a superstar and a very good role player.  The Spurs lost Horry for two games.

Honestly, I can’t even be angered by this……the NBA is simply neutered.  And there’s no way around it.  It can’t be fixed.  Period.  Men have testosterone, and from time to time, in basketball games, pushes become shoves, ect….I’ve been in more than a few pick-up games where swears and fights have been the norm.  Its exhilirating.  Maybe not fun at the time….but exhilirating.

Well, the NBA has no testosterone…..its neutered.  This is one of the million reasons why the NBA, beneath its glossy cover, is a total failure.  During one of the most exciting playoffs in years (this has totally kicked the NCAA Tourney’s ass), the NBA found a way to shoot themselves in the foot.  Badly.

Anyway, I’ll stop talking, and post relevant links.  Even if you don’t follow the NBA, and I know many of you don’t, these are good posts that are really more about sport than anything.  If you don’t like basketball in general….I hope to post this entry that I can’t seem to post within 3 hours.

From the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons:  He always gets it right.

From Deadspin this afternoon:

From Deadspin this morning:

A funny one from before the suspensions:

Okay…I’ll be back with something of my own soon.  Absolutely promise.

See ya.

Until Next Time,



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