Public Apology

Hi All,

I just wanted to stop in to say I most likely won’t be writing anything tonight, due to the fact that I have a softball game, and then will be trying to stay awake to watch the Warriors/Jazz game.

Its been a very hectic week here at the workplace, which has hurt my blog productivity. However, I’ve noticed that my readers have been growing (maybe its my trusted business cards….look out world, I have like 475 left), so I just wanted to address anyone who’s been coming to see if there is anything new.

Sorry honey…..nothings cooking at the moment.

But I will be back, hopefully with a vengence, sometime soon….Hell, maybe even tommorrow. Who knows, maybe even tonight. Regardless (irregardless), I will be back.

For now….breathe easy. Enjoy the weather. Go fishing. Do some swimming. Read a book. Sing a song. Play some kickball. Do whatever it is you do, and do it good.

I’ll see ya around kids,

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “Public Apology

  1. Kev says:

    The warriors are playing the jazz doofus

  2. grhovane says:

    Thanks dude….I fixed it.


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