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Hey there,

Well, if anyone reads sports blogs or visits sports sites, or listens to NPR (seriously, I was listening this morning), then you’ve heard the news: the Golden State Warriors upset the Mighty Dallas Mavericks last night, at approximately 1:10am ET. Yes, I was up watching. The game wasn’t as exciting as game five, but it was still awesome to see a crowd light up the way they did. In this day and age where pretty much every professional sports stadium you go to is corporate central (yes, even the NFL, MLB ect…there are obvious exceptions), its a great breath of fresh air to see the Oakland fans go absolutely bananas and act like college fans, chanting “Bullshit” and “Defense” with excellent unity on national TV. A few notes:

Baron Davis’s performance has to rank up there with top performances while injured. The most incredible thing I’ve ever seen is Donovan McNabb play an entire football game on a broken ankle: if that was 10 out of 10, I give Baron an 8 or 9. I mean, the guy looked like he was playing at about 40 percent on a bum hamstring, and he still took it to the rack like three times past people. Unbelievable. That’s not even taking into account the circus shots he was hitting.

Stephen Jackson also showed that he is an absolute assassin shooting from behind the arc. Straight up.

Anyway, I’ve gotta cut it out; I’m acting like a sportswriter right now. Just wanted to say my piece. I’ll be back.

Until Next Time,



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