Mushrooms, Ghosts, Marbles, and Monsters……Who Has the Best Music?

Note:  this article, and future articles pertaining to this subject, are written in collaboration with Kevin Canavan.

“Great fighing!!  You were tough Mack!  I’ve never seen such finger-speed before.”

Video Game Mike Tyson, after Little Mack defeats him in the orginal NES version of Mike Tyson Punch-Out!!

That’s a great quote……I watched a clip on Youtube of a guy beat Tyson in the second round by TKO, and then Tyson tells Mack this afterwards.  At first I didn’t get it (fingers???), but then I realized it was referencing the controller: honestly, I was expecting him to say fists.  But nowadays, 21 years later (21 years?!?!?), its funny to imagine Mike saying this in his patented Squeaky Mike Voice.  When the game came out, Mike was sort of a family-figure: a tough kid from Brooklyn who had a nice smile, was endorsed by Pepsi, and destroyed guys in the ring.  Now??  Well, now…..he’s Mike Tyson.

But to get back to the point…..the reason I bring this game up at all is that I’ve had thoughts rolling around my head lately: I guess I always have thoughts rolling around my head.  And often times these thoughts are accompanied by music.  And more often than not….the music are simply beats that originated on Nintendo games back in the ’80s.  Ask anyone who plays original Nintendo (NES) games: the music is un-parralled.  Like it or love it, no other game system’s music can captivate you like Nintendo’s.  A Nintendo song can literally stay stuck in your head for 3 days: and its a good thing.  You never say something like “Dammit, I wish the song from ‘Paperboy’ would fade out.”  No….instead you savor it, and hope that it stays in your head long enough so that it become imbedded forever.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway…..I’ve decided to blog about this particular subject.  The only problem: there’s no easy way to tackle it.  Do I set up a system of brackets?  If I do, how many songs?  What are things we are looking for:  creativity, simpleness, addictiveness?

Even with a system set-up, there are still problems: mainly that I don’t see how there is any way in the world why I should be the authority on this subject.  I mean, I never even owned a Nintendo!!!  Who the Hell am I to rate which Nintendo songs are the best?  This isn’t even taking into account that many games evoke different memories and feelings for different people: pretty much, this is a giant bucket of snakes which I am really afraid to stick my hand into.  But I’m gonna try anyway.  What the Hell…snakes don’t scare me.  I’m only scared of spiders.

So here is my foggy idea of how I might do this:  I’m going to mention every game which I think has a worthwhile song (tough, because pretty much every game had a worthwhile song).  And I’ll discuss them.  I might not even make definitive decisions.  But I’ll break ’em down.

I might post some videos…..but I’m still unsure of that at this point: most video game videos out there are like twenty minutes long, and are almost like blogs in of themselves (this is a side-story unto itself: its simply mind-boggling to watch videos of people setting world records playing some of the world’s toughest games.  I don’t care how complex the game systems are today: anyone who’s anyone has to admit that many of the games from the Nintendo era were mind-numbingly hard.  The interesting thing is that this is really easy to miss if the game has never been played:  for instance, I’ve played Marble Madness, and think it may be the single-toughest game ever.  It’s insanely hard.  Watching a video of someone on Youtbube demolish it was like a religious experience.  But for someone who never played the game, like my parents, it would probably look like some little kids game thats very easy.  A very interesting phenomena: I don’t know what to call it at this point.).  I feel like videos like this might water down the content matter.  So I’m not sure how I’m going to design at this point.  I think I’ll just figure it out as I go.

Since its getting late, I’m gonna list some potentials for now:  hopefully I’ll come back later this week and really get my feet wet.  Here are the premilinary picks:


Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3

All the Mega-Men (not gonna lie….I’ve played these before and simply just tried to stay alive to listen to the songs a little longer)


Pro-Am Racer

Xcite Bike


Dr. Mario (Fever and Chill)

Bubble Bobble (huge sleeper)


Double Dragon

Friday the 13th

(A racing game I cannot remember the name of….its on the beach)

Others….I cannot think of all of them at this time.

But hey….if anyone reading this additional thoughts, or wants to give me any ideas on how to format this, let me.  Thanks.

A few other things before I go:

I don’t even know how to put into words how pumped I am that the Pats got Randy Moss.  With a fourth round pick??  And he re-structured his contract??  Are you kidding me??   How can this be bad in any way?  Ofcourse, the local media  blood sucking freaks are making a big deal about how bad of a person he is.  I love it when people are generally uninformed about things, but have to get their two cents out there anyway.  Like the whole “fake mooning in Green Bay” incident.

Let me set the scene for those who aren’t familiar:  Bout three years ago, the Minnesota Vikings (Moss’s team) were visiting the Green Bay Packers at the fabled Lambeau Field.  Well, Moss scored a touchdown, and proceeded to fake like he was pulling down his pants and mooning the Green Bay crowd.  I was watching live.  Troy Aikman and Chris Collinsworth, the two color guys (they give input) sort of chuckled, and then Joe Buck, the play-by-play who seems to be hated by about everyone in America, proclaimed in his most scholarly voice:  “That…is disgusting.”

That was it….the games began.  For the next two weeks, everyone who was over the age of forty took a shot at Moss.  Ofcourse, as is usually the case, the whole story wasn’t told.

First of all…..these teams hate each other.  The fans….hate each.  Neither teams been very good for the last few years….but their still a rivalry….maybe one of the best in the NFL.

The second, and more important point, is this: It is a tradition that Green Bay fans actually moon the buses of opposing teams as they drive to the stadium, especially rivals like the Vikings and Bears.  With this is mind, it doesn’t seem quite so bad, does it?  I mean…Moss didn’t even pull his pants down….he pretended to.  Three hours earlier, he probably had to look at about 400 bare asses.  So why not return the favor….on national TV.  I mean, people forget….he didn’t even moon them…he pretended to.  I guarantee you this….there are atleast 10, probably more, members of Congress who have actually mooned someone in their life.  Bare ass.

Now….I’m not sitting here and saying Moss hasn’t had some issues.  He has.  But I hate how the mostly uniformed local media is eating up this mooning story…..not only are they uninformed, but if they dug a little deeper, there’s more relevant past problems they could be talking about involving Moss.  But its no big deal….the only time I ever watch the local media is if I’m at my parents house, or one of my roomates decides to steal the remote.

But to finish up…..I was much more worried about Corey Dillon when we signed him.  He seemed like a legit headcase when he came aboard.  And look how that turned out.  I have a very good feeling about Moss: the guy obviously wants to win.  He was immature when he came into the league…..but what 21 year phenom who’s been handed everything his whole life wouldn’t be.  As long as he doesn’t listen to local sports radio, I think he’s good.

I’m actually more interested in our first pick in the draft….Merriweather from Miami.  He’s great…but this is the guy who was stomping on players legs in the infamous, disturbing brawl involving Miami University and Florida International last year.  But I digress…..I put all my faith into Bellicheck/Pioli.

Anyway…I’m going to bed.

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “Mushrooms, Ghosts, Marbles, and Monsters……Who Has the Best Music?

  1. Tom says:

    Greg — the game was called Cruisin USA (racing game on beach) — if you pressed the select button, it turned 3-D. Crazy shit.

  2. […] get this project started: the project in question is the whole “Nintendo music project” I recently talked about.  As an introduction, I’m going to post a video of one of the more popular Nintendo games […]

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