Seasoned Potatoes

“It is not worth remembering that past which cannot become a present.”

-Soren Kierkegaard

Hey there,

I just want to post a couple things before I go out to do some things:

I was requested to write about a party I attended this weekend; the result was the last entry I posted. I didn’t think it came out that great, mainly because I got too sidetracked, and absolutely needed fresh air, peace, and quiet. By the time I was back in front of a computer screen, I was pretty burned out. My friend who made the request posted a comment: “All pototas no meat.” Which I have to say…I agree with. Well put. (I was surprised that I had the choice to disregard this, because I guess WordPress recognized that it was speaking negatively of me….there you go WordPress, way to stick up for your bloggers.)

Anyway, I have some more potatoes for you tonight, because once again I’m off to do incredibly fun things that don’t involve sitting in front of a computer. But before I go, I’ll try to put enough garlic, mustard, rosemary, Tabasco, Mrs. Dash, and whatever else there on ’em say that they atleast resemble spicy homefries that your mom makes for you.

I took my first sick day today…just thought you might want to know. And yes, I was sick.

While trying not to make this a lame ass diary, I’ll tell you what I did: went to the gym; did some running outside; got my first haircut since Feb.; and ate a chicken parm at Victor’s in Ball Square, Somerville (I’d post a link, but there’s not much about Victor’s online. Which is good in a way; keep it old school. But I will say this: if you live anywhere near Ball Square [like within 10 miles], make sure you go to Victor’s. I’m serious. If you’re really hungry, get the Chicken a la Rosa or stuffed green pepper; the chicken parm is phenomenal. Someday I might blog about who has the best chicken parm in the Medford/Somerville area [Victor’s, Bob’s, Avelino’s, La Cascia’s (never tried….I assume they have one), but I’m afraid if I did, I’d either kill myself out of sheer grief for having to pick a winner, or I’d get killed by some insane diehard who didn’t like my decision [like a diehard Bob’s fan who read my blog and decided to kill me because I said Victor’s was better. All that being said…..I’m not gonna try to tackle this problem anytime soon.)

Speaking about Italian food: If you live in Allston, and haven’t been, you should go to Carlo’s. In fact, I’m not even gonna say anything else. I don’t want to blow it up. Forget I said anything.

Random fact about today: I didn’t look at a computer screen until about 6pm. I think this is good.

Random fact about tommorrow: In 1564, Baby Shakespeare was christened, though it wasn’t his birthday.

Random fact about yesterday: The first regular newspaper in the United States was published. It was the News-Letter, printed in Boston, Massachusetts. The year: 1704.

Random fact about Random: There are ways to measure randomness in a binary sequence. Word.

Alright kids….out of the pool! Its time to go! I told you all I had was potatoes tonight….I hope you liked them. If not…you’ll just have to wait until breakfast. I myself…have places I need to be. Take her easy, hoss!

Until Next Time,



3 thoughts on “Seasoned Potatoes

  1. Kev says:

    victor’s sucks. bunch of donkeys

  2. Jay says:

    sounds like a pretty busy sick day…

  3. Well done great blog and great posts!!!

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