Let’s Party Dude!!!

Quote of the Day, 4/23/07:

“Hear no evil, speak no evil…..and you’ll never be invited to a party.”

Oscar Wilde

Hi there….I think I’m gonna start up the quote of the day thing again….don’t know why I stopped in the first place, maybe I just got a little burned out finding quotes everytime I wanted to write something. But for now…its back.

I just want everyone to know…..I just erased a HUGE entry I had spent about two hours on about the whole Imus saga about a week ago…..even if it is pointless at this point, it always pains me to delete something I spent a lot of time on. As the old saying goes: DAMN!

Before I get started….I bought the Sports Illstrated Swimsuit Issue about two months back. I know, I know….it stopped being cool to buy this like 3 years ago. But I don’t know…..I think that makes it kind of cool. Its how I heard someone describe going to Times Square on New Years Eve recently…..its so uncool, that its actually cool again. You know what I’m saying. Anyway, this years main theme was music (and iPods$$), and each model was supposed to pick what was “at the top of their playlist.” Ofcourse, they only had five songs to choose from.

For example: model Bar Refaeli, from Tel Aviv, Israel, has the following songs at the top of her playlist:

“Man in the Mirror,” Michael Jackson

“Michel,” Anuk

“She Talks to Angels,” Black Crows

“Your Song,” Elton John

“Patience,” Guns ‘N’ Roses

(Honestly…..not a bad list.)

Well, I have over 4,000 songs on my iPod, but I still figured I’d give it a go. So without further ado,

At the top of Greg’s playlist:

1) “Prophecies,” Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi

2) “Ex-Cowboy,” Mogwai, Come on Die Young

3) “Life is a Pigsty,” Morrissey, Ringleader of the Tormentors

4) “E Preciso Perdoar (One Must Forgive),” Grover Washington, Jr., All My Tomorrows

5) “Little Man,” Atmosphere, You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having

There you have it….that’s what I’m listening to on my iPod.

Now….the purpose for being here….

Long story short….my friend had a party this weekend (it was his and another friend of mine’s birthday), and he emailed me at midnight last night to tell me he wanted me to blog about it. He told me he wanted it to be introspective and juicy.

Well, I’ll be honest….I thought it was a pretty horrible idea when I first heard it mentioned to me. There were no INSANE HAPPENINGS that sometimes occur at parties; it was pretty run-0f-the-mill. But, to be honest again….I’ve felt a little un-inspired lately, and have had trouble with coming up with good ideas/topics to write about. So after thinking about it I thought, “Hey….why not?”

So here it is folks: my first party piece. I’ll try to re-cap the night as best as I can.

The Day of the Party: Saturday, 4/21/07:

10:25am: Sunlight through venetian blinds. Sheets. Pillows. In short: my bedroom. I rolled over and saw my clock: 10:37 (my clock is twelve minutes fast). First thought of the day: Holy crap, I slept till 10:25.

I usually don’t sleep this late….and when the sunshine is pouring in your window, and you’re still groggy with dreams and whatnot, I always end up feeling a little jealous of everyone who’s already outside, enjoying the sunshine. In fact…I kind of feel like a loser in these situations. But whatever.

I was just in time for the Soup, my favorite TV show (its a half-hour show hosted by Joel McHale on E! that pretty much goes over the funniest moments from TV/celebrity gossip from the previous week). Since I was a little groggy I missed the opening minute, which means I missed what they had to say about the whole “Alec Baldwin being an asshole” situation…..but it was still a fantastic way to start the day.

Moving out to the kitchen I cooked a bagel while thinking about the night before: The night started on the T, heading towards the Back Bay stop on the Orange Line. You see, I was meeting a couple friends at a place called 28 Degrees in the South End, and wasn’t really sure how to get there. Instead of being smart and checking Google Maps before I left….I was stupid and left knowing only what T stop I was going to (Back Bay) and the street it was on (Appleton). Well, I got to Back Bay….and for the life of me, couldn’t find Appleton Street, or the South End for that matter (funny, I always get myself into these situations). [Note to those not from Boston: the South End is not South Boston, aka Southie, popularly known as a major home for Irish organized crime (and actually an area becoming somewhat gentrified today). Nope, I wasn’t partying in Southie….atleast that night…..if you know what I mean.]

Anyway, after looking for Appleton Street for like 20 minutes, I decided to check with the nice people at the Park Plaza Hotel (home of the Class of 2000 Somerville High School Senior Prom…..Go Highlanders!!!!). Anyway, I strolled in with my nice khakis, and nice shirt tucked in; I was going to classy bar, you see, so I had to look classy. After strolling around the lobby for a couple minutes, I meandered up to the front desk.

“Hi, how may I help you?” asked the forty-something year old woman behind the desk.

“Hey,” I started. “I have a question. I have to meet friends at a bar, and I actually can’t find it….do you think you could help?”

“Yah, no problem….what’s the place.”

Well, without skipping details…..I told her my situation. She told me jokingly I was supposed to figure this out on my computer beforehand. I laughed. She laughed. We both laughed. She called them…..found out where they were….blah blah blah. The only problem: she couldn’t tell me where it was after talking to them, or looking at a map.

Suddenly, she had an idea: “Wait, I’ll just get the valet to take you over there!”

Whoa…timeout. Think fast Greg….this is getting heavy.

“Umm…no that’s alright, really, I’ll find it….no problem.”

“It’s not a problem.”

Stupid laugh, shoulder shrug: “Nah, ahh, really, its alright.”

“Well go ask those guys….they know where everything is.”

Well, I found them….him, actually. It was kid who was probably sixteen.

His answer: “Yah, I don’t know!”

My last hope were the numerous, highly jacked bouncers standing outside of Whiskeys.

“Hey fellas, I gotta question….do you know where 28 Degrees is?”

The woman at the desk had to told me that it was located between Arlington and Berkeley Streets, so thats what I told the bouncers.

“Nah dude, someone’s f**king with ya…there’s nothing there but houses.”

Anyway……long story short (I ramble sometimes….can ya tell?)……I found a taxi, he of course knew where it was, I got inside, ordered a drink (“Vodka tonic please.” “No problem….that’ll be $11.50.” My voice: “Thanks.” My brain: “Complete shutdown….I will not operate correctly after you have paid $11.50 for a drink. You are a complete jack ass and do not deserve me. Goodbye.”), pushed myself through some of the trendiest people I’ve ever seen (I couldn’t hear the conversations through the constantly playing, always the same but slightly different beat, but here’s how I bet it would play out: “Hi, I’m a professor, write books, make a lot of money, and only drink Vodka that comes from the highest moutains of Poland. Would you like to have sex with me?”), and eventually found my two buddies hanging out by themselves. Well, we hung out by ourselves for about another half an hour, talking about how much fun other bars were….and decided to go to one of the bars we were talking about: Ladies and Gentleman, Introducing……………………THE WORLD FAMOUS HONG KONG!!!!!! LOCATED IN HARVARD SQUARE!!!!!!

After arriving via a taxi driven by some dude speaking angerily into his phone in Haitian the whole time, we finally arrived where the real party was. It was a typical night at the Kong: lots and lots of drunk people, with a constant smell of puke permeating through the air. My grade on the fun level: a 20 outa 10, baby. 28 Degrees fun level: negative 5,000. Hey 28 Degrees, guess what….you suck.

Eventually, we ate Chinese food with some dude who we never met before, who insisted on eating with us, even calling for a table for four. He was a Harvard Business School student at orientation. To say the least….it was interesting.

And so, to get back to Saturday morning, about 11:01……this is what I was thinking about.

But I had other stuff on my mind, namely:

1) I hadn’t blogged in a few days, and was afraid that people were getting anzty

2) I had softball practice at 2

3) I had a party to attend at 4 (the aforementioned party).

So I immediatley started blogging, despite the gorgeous weather…..finished, edited, published…..ate food quickly…..grabbed my softball stuff…..grabbed good clothes for the party….and was out the door into the beautiful, fantabulous sunshine.

2pm: Softball practice. My team, Lexington Park, has its first game a week from yesterday, so we needed practice (this was the third of the year). There’s really not much to talk about….it went well.

4pm: Party time! I’ve finally arrived at the party that I came here to write about. Let me see if I can do this…..c’mon Greg, focus!!!!!

It started out with a little bump in the road….I had to run back to my apartment in Allston, after all, because while I remembered to pack fresh clothes, I forgot perhaps the most important article….clean undies. So I had to drive back to get them…luckily my boy decided to stick it out with me. The result: we didn’t get there till 6 (Note: It didn’t take two hours; I think my times are skewed here, but its a twenty minute drive both ways [Allston to Somerville], and I grabbed beer, but whatever….you get my drift.)

6pm: We arrive at the party to eat some BBQ, drink some beer, and kick some ass (well, actually….no ass kicking was allowed. Which is quite a shame…..cause I can quick quite an ass). Anyway, the party rolled along, and next thing you know….its

8pm: Yes….the time flies when you’re having fun. By this time, the beer pong was in full effect in the attic…I have to say, my team lost, but I didn’t do too shabby (I always surprise myself with beer pong….I either think I’m gonna do well and stink up the joint, or think I’m gonna stink up the joint and do great). And you know what…..time out.

I’m at work right now and its 7pm. That’s right folks….7. I shouldn’t be here. I just went to go the bathroom, and I wanted to shout at everybody, “I’m working on my blog, I’M NOT WORKING!! I’M NOT A WORKALCHOLIC!!! So I am as of now putting this party on hold. But I’ll be back….hopefully in a good mood.

[The problem with me leaving right now: I’M FEELING IT. But I can’t be here anymore. Greg need fresh air….NOW. So I’ll see you kids in a little.]

Hallo Everybody……I’M BACK!!!

Whew…..had to get that out of my system. I just walked around the Charles River for about 2.5 hours on one of the most beautiful nights I have ever seen. Simply Gorgegous. Its a good thing I left the office….I really started to get paranoid. I started to get the feeling that all the computers were whispering things like, “Stay a little longer Greg……soon you’ll be one of US. Needless to say, I needed the fresh air. And ladies and gents….I’m glad to be back. Anyway….back to busines.

Like I was saying, we started playing beer pong around 8, and though I was feeling it, we lost (I need to give credit where credit is due…..my teamate was none other than the world famous Dave Boll). About this time someone had the fantastic idea to get a game of flip-cup started. The only problem: flip cup can be a messy, messy game, and my boy Jay, who was having the party, wasn’t having none of that! (Can’t blame him really….he sleeps about 20 feet from his beer pong table).

After an alchohol adled, highly stupid attempt to move the table downstairs, we all thought better of it (or atleast I did…no sense in being a hero). Outside, the older folks were drinking margeritas and having a general good time. Being the GREAT GUY THAT I AM, I offered to do dishes so I could show everyone how much I cared so that we could play flip-cup on the table.

Of course, the beer pongers took over, and much to my dismay, we never did get to play….even though I set up like 30 cups. As the night quieted down, I received the best Chinese massage of my life, leaving my entire body feeling like a giant jacuzzi. (Note: Chinese massages are no joke). We also did a little gambling on the side, and I lost 6 bucks.

Finally, the show rolled down. Peeps started to leave. It was a good time, from start to finish. At about 2am, after eating a final burger, I finally decided that it was time to go. Wishing Jay a happy birthday, I left his house: looking up to the sky, the moon was shining down, and he seemed to be laughing. As we all know….the Moon likes to laugh.

Until Next Time,



One thought on “Let’s Party Dude!!!

  1. Jay says:

    All potatas no meat.

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