Just a link or two

Hey There,

Well, its windy, rainy, and it sounds a little wild outside my window right now….perfect weather for a marathon!!!

Man, its gonna suck tommorrow. Ofcourse, not everyone cares. I mean, I like Howie and everything…but c’mon, man, lighten up….its the Boston Marathon for God’s sake!

Anyway, and just hangin ten right now and wanted to get in some quick thoughts and what not:

First of all, you need to read this article written in the Washington Post: it is absolutely fascinating. It takes awhile to get through (it took me about a half an hour, and I’m a pretty quick reader), but it is definitely worth the time. Someone posted this on their Facebook page; I’ve decided to do the same here on my blog. So when you get the chance: take the time and check it out.

I watched the Sopranos tonight: As is standard for the last 4 years, I sum it up in the following way: “Ehhhhh….it was alright.”

Entourage, however, was much more entertaining, as usual: its like an on-again/off-again relationship that me and Entourage are having these days. Last year, I got so fed up with the show (the fact that I hated [and still dislike] the main character; the fact that it seemed like we were stuck in an endless circle of slightly different scenarios, all featuring the same storyline every week; the fact that in three seasons, nothing ever really happened) that I stopped watching it. Cold turkey. Vince got up to do one of his patented, “You know what Ari….I don’t know if this is what I want,” speeches, and I turned it off. Couldn’t deal with it anymore. Vince had pushed me to the point that I hated the whole damn show. But now…I’m back in love. Its hit or miss I guess….but lately its been snappy. And especially since it follows the Sopranos, which at this point is stuck in the “Ehhhhhh” zone: it gets a chance to shine after a mediocre, boring show every week. So anyway….that’s my take on the “Sunday Night HBO Zone.”

If You’re Driving Through Conn. on a Sunday Afternoon: Check out Power 104.1FM. They’ve got a killer back-spin program going on Sunday afternoon: I was driving through Hartford a couple weeks ago and was in “Back in The Day” heaven for about 25 minutes. Anyway, just wanted to get that out there. And since we’re talking Backspins, I can’t leave without mentioning The Backspin, on the New, Jammin’, 94.5FM. Sunday nights baby….never miss it.

Well…..it’s time for me to think about hitting the hay.  Before I go…. I present the coolest cigarette ad I have ever seen: Remember kids….don’t smoke!

Until Next Time,



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