Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Hey there sexypants,

-Problem last night: Plenty of time, but I couldn’t write…..shiiiiiit.

Problem today:  Wanna write, five minutes left on my lunch break……shiiiiiit.

Oh well….anyhow…..here’s a preview of what I want to write about after I get out of work:

The whole Don Imus saga…..because now its gotten kinda interesting, and like 2,365,419 other bloggers out there, I feel the need to write about this matter.

Blog news update:  Did you hear Katie Couric’s blog, which features blogs from ghost writers, is being cited for plagieriusm (spelled way, waaaay wrong).  Poor Katie….life’s hurtin for her these days.  I’d post a link, but I’m down to four minutes till work time.

Little Miss Sunshine…..saw two weeks ago, haven’t written about it, but I plan on it.  Hopefully it hasn’t faded to bad.  I will say: it rocked.

Okay…..seconds tickin away…..I’ll leave you with the following video, seeing as it is Friday the 13th and all.

I’ve actually never seen the original Friday the 13th…..I’ve heard its pretty damn scary.  The problem with me and scary movies is that I’m a total pussy, and will actually leave the room or turn away from the TV when it gets too scary.  But in a perverse sort of way, like anyone else, I love them.  Well, I’ll stop talking now….my lunch break was over two minutes ago.

Until Next Time,



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