Some Quick Hit Thoughts

Hey There,

This is gonna be quick, cause I’m going to play trivia at a bar.  Just a couple things:

I am so glad that Howard K. Stern is not the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby.  Seriously….the way this guy just dragged himself through the media was disgusting.  Howard K. Stern…..I laugh in your face.  That being said, I was personally rooting for Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband to be the father: he was a real dark horse candidate, but I was pulling for the guy (honestly, I wonder what Zsa Zsa thought when her husband said, “You know what, I may that kid’s father!”).

Did she root for him, since he’s her husband and everything.  Or is she just so old that she has no idea what was going on the whole time?  I say the latter; that’s just me.
Anyway, in all reality I’m glad the ex-boyfriend was the father.  And I’m really glad that my roomate’s hack-brained philosophy wasn’t true: that the real father was her son.  (This ridicoulous, disturbing rumor was started by Boston morning DJ Matty in the Morning, on KISS 108 FM.  There are some eerie concincidences: he killed himself the day the baby died, ect, ect….But I’m sorry….that whole scenario is just to evil for my liking.  Thank god that school of thought is dead).  (I like that this was a game….and we were all rooting for daddies).

Moving on….

If I hear one more thing about Don Imus….seriously, one more thing….I’m gonna throw a rock at my fridge (I feel the TV is a cliched thing to throw a rock at).  Honestly….let it go. I tried to watch CNN this morning to get some news…..and all I got was Imus stories.  Seriously…..we gave a shit four days ago, we don’t care anymore, National Media Idiots.

Speaking of CNN…..CNN sucks, but is the bomb!  Proof again….the internet kicks TV’s ass.

For any of you who don’t know…..Dice K is pitching against Ichiro and the Mariners tonight.  Watch it….NOW.  NESN in Boston….ESPN anywhere else.

Okay folks…times up.  Time to go kick some trivia ass on a Wednesday night.  Peace kids!!

Until Next Time,



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