Stickball & Heinenken

MARCH 28, 2007

Hey There,

Just some quick thoughts tonight:

A couple things about my stickball column: A friend called me after reading it, and told me he liked it, but brought up some valid points:

1) At one point, I talked about how I thought it was ridiculous that kids would actually pick up manhole covers out of the ground and use them as bases. Well, I think its ridiculous that I would misunderstand what I was reading so badly. It was pointed to me that when we were kids, if we were playing on a street, a manhole cover could be used as say, second base: without coming out of the ground. There are also manhole covers in schoolyards. For some reason, I just pictured like 8 kids from the 1940s getting together so they could move a manhole and use it as a base. I didn’t even think twice about it. What can I say…sometimes, I have no common sense. But ohh well…I’m leaving that bit in my column for comedies’ sake.

2) It was also brought to my attention that slow pitch didn’t nessecarily need bases: at the old Lexington Park in Somerville (before it was torn down and re-built, without anywhere to play stickball), slow pitch was really the only way to play (note: I did not discuss Lexington Park in my column; its just another park in the city of Somerville). Anyway, due to the set-up of the park, bases were never used. The game could almost be described as a hybrid between fast and slow pitch, with fast pitch rules being applied throughout, excluding pitching speed. I might also note the Lexington was a pretty good place to play: I definitely would not call it limited. I guess this just reiterates the point I was making at the end of my column: the rules and style of play really depended on the park, which is what makes stickball so cool.

Something Random:

I’m going to see the Jedi Mind Tricks at the Middle East tommorrow; I’ll let you know how it goes. It will probably be delayed, though; I hope I’m not writing on Friday night (I’d rather be out), and I know I’ll be at a party on Saturday night in Connetticut, so maybe I’ll get to it Sunday, but even then, no promises. But still…I’ll let you know how it goes.

More Random:

Just finished watching an episode of Miami Vice: Season 2 on DVD. I’ve gotta say, I really enjoy watching old Miami Vice re-runs, really because I’ve never seen 99% of the episodes before. This is actually good for a few reasons: I know its good, because everyone who watched it in the ’80s raves about it; and I don’t have to worry about it going down in flames, like so many shows on TV today do (maybe I’ll write about this sometime; actually, probably is more like it). Plus, I don’t feel like I’m jumping on a bandwagon, ’cause literally no one thinks its cool that I’m watching them, besides my parents, who are borrowing Season 1. I have to say, I feel like a trendsetter: now if only it would become a trend.

Cool News: Have you all heard the news??? The world’s tallest man has gotten married. Pretty cool, huh? But the coolest part is that back in December he saved a couple of dolphin’s lives because they got plastic stuck down their throats, and his freakishly long arms were the only things that could get the plastic out (see the link above.) Another funny thing: His wife is 5’6, and looks like a midget compared to him (he’s 7’9), but then I thought about it: I’m only 5’8. That means that not only would I look like a midget next to him too, but she’s probably taller than I am in high heels. That made me feel small.

Time to Post a Video….’Cause I Feel Like Posting a Video, Dammit!:

This will end our discussion tonight. As some of you may know, I enjoy Youtube. I also enjoy beer commercials. As some of you also may know, I haven’t always been the biggest beer drinker: these days I love a cold one, but I’ve never drank in excess for the most part, and it took me awhile to get used to the taste of brewdawgs. Beer commercials, on the other hand, I have loved for as long as I can remember. Bud Light and Miller Light are the staples; Corona’s been known to bust out some good ones; Coors Light had some very promising ones a few years back (most notibably the “Wing Man” song…it all went down in flames when they introduced us to “Wing Dog”); Coors Light ads, I should note, have really sucked as of late; and in between, there have been a lot of others to fill in the gaps.

But in recent years, in my opinion, one beer company has stood far above the rest in the advertising industry: Heinenken. They’ve been clever, creative, and funny for the past four or five years: and they never get blown up by everyone, which is a good thing. A project for my spare time is to find out what ad agency they use.

I’m going to post two tonight: one which is pretty funny, one which is an absolute masterpiece. First, the funny one.

I work with all females, and one time I decided to show them a funny beer commercial, thinking they’d laugh in enjoyment at what I showed them. Instead a giant hissy fit broke out, with a bunch of comments being uttered like, “Ohh, yah riiiiiight.” And there wasn’t much laughter. Needless to say, I was little dissapointed in my chums: but that’s enough talking smack about them behind their back, I know atleast one of them checks this out from time to time.

So here’s this one: see if you laugh or not.

The next ad is, in my opinion, the only beer commercial I have ever seen which can be considered art. Beer ads, like any type of ads, are trying to grab the attention of viewers. With beer ads, it’s usually humor that is employed.

This is ad is different: its the only creatively designed ad for beer I have ever seen that doesn’t rely on humor. There are plenty of beer ads without humor, usually with some old guy walking around and talking about how his grandfather used to pick the hops fresh from the bush every morning (think Anheiser-Busch and Coors). But those aren’t made up situations: they’re sort of like non-fiction ads.

This ad is fictional, and yet, not very funny. If I can say so without sounding stupid: its actually moving. In fact, I can say with some authority, it is the only moving beer ad I have ever seen. That be said, it is still “cool.” It has the feel of the other Heinenken ads; just instead of humor, its actually artistic.

Okay, maybe I’m taking this ad too seriously…maybe you’ll see it and mutter to yourself “Umm, I think Greg was a little off here.” Hey, that’s cool. All I’m saying is that…..this is the only beer commercial that I have ever seen, that in my opinion, can actually be considered ART.

Please Enjoy Responsibly.

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “Stickball & Heinenken

  1. bierodrome says:

    I agree with you that beer advertising seems right now to be flying high above from the rest of advertising. No other drink can resume a culture as good as this one and making us laugh so much.

    But I am not sure about your statement in favour of Heineken as the solely responsible for this phenomena. I don’t know if you have seen lately many campaigns, but I’ve recently seen 3 that I consider masters: Budweiser and its BudBucks campaign (see, Cheers and Carlton. I’m sure you can find the three of them in youtube, I’ve seen them in different beer blogs.
    It’s definitely worth a whole article on its own: which would be the best beer advertising campaign?
    I’d like to check which gets more votes.

  2. Jay says:

    more heineken ads

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