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MARCH 18, 2007

Quote of the Day, 3/18/07:

“Brake for moose….it could save your life.”

safety slogan on New Hamphire bumper stickers

These may be the greatest bumper stickers ever made. They’re yellow in color, show a moose over in the corner, and have this quote. Its really superb.

I’ve never actually seen them (I think they were big in the 1970s), but there are bumper stickers out there that say “Brake for birds….you can save their life.” And thats really nice. I mean, I would hope most of my friends would brake for birds, excluding starlings, who are the Devil. (I have friends that don’t….I heard a story about one of my friends who drove his car full speed at about 40 pigeons. 39 made it out; one didn’t, and from what I hear, the scene was awful. My witness told me: “there was blood and feathers everywhere…it wasn’t cool, trust me, it wasn’t cool.” Yah, I wouldn’t think it would be. I guess this just proves….I have messed up friends.)

But New Hamphire, with their Bud Light drinking, backwoods Republican swagger, turned it around, in a rather brillant fashion, I might add.

I mean, how much more simplistically funny does it get?: “Brake for moose…it can save your life.” I mean, yah…moose have been known to get hit by tractor trailers, only to send the truck careening off the road. They are moose after all….the largest member of the deer family. Ofcourse, moose usually don’t fair too well after being hit by tractor trailers…but hey, people usually don’t either, it turns out.

So the next time your driving in the sticks, whether you’re heading to out to do some fishing, or you’re just clearing your head out in the country, remember….Brake For Moose, it could Save Your Life.

Video of the Day:

I don’t know how many of you like the blues, or the violin, but this video is of the famous blues musician Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, who played both violin and electric guitar. His guitar stuff is good, but his violin stuff, in my opinion, sets him apart. Now, I know how videos work here. After I posted a couple last night I checked them; they were both about 30 seconds long and took about 2.5 minutes to load. This song is 6:48, so it could be very, very frustrating if you hit play and immediately try to watch it. If you do want to check it out, give it like 10 minutes to load; hit play, pause it, and then go get some constructive work done for like 10 minutes. Then when you have 7 minutes to spare, you can check it out. Ofcourse, if you don’t like the blues, or violins, you may want to skip. But I’m just telling you now: Clarence was the man (he passed away a few years back).

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