Lookout Blogs…Here I Come!!!

JANUARY 15, 2007

Okay…this is my first time writing a blog, I spent about an hour and a half writing one, and I deleted it. Don’t know how it happened, but next thing I know, I’m stuck with an incomplete blog that I had posted about an hour earlier. After about 6 minutes of proofreading, I lost my damn blog. So everyone please bear with me if I seem a little pissed.

Now, where was I? Oh yah, Hi, hows’ it going, my name’s Greg, I live in the Boston area, where I grew up, and I’ve decided to start my own blog. Why, you ask? Aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Aren’t blogs just glorified, on-line diaries? To tell you the truth, I don’t know what the Hell a blog is, but I’m starting one, and its gonna be awesome!!!

So there. To give everyone a brief synopsis: my blog will cover sports, TV, movies, nightlife, and anything that I find cool or interesting. Don’t worry, if I find it cool or interesting, you probably will too (take my word.) I’ll try to explain everything in a precise manner. I will always be at your service: I feel a blogger has a responsibility to blog to readers across the world to not be a moron when writing these things. If you have an issue with my blog, just let me know. If you think I’m being a jerk, then call me a jerk, just tell me why. I think this is the beginning of something special; quite frankly, I’m pretty pumped. Now if you don’t mind, I have to eat dinner: I’ll post a second blog soon, so hold your horses folks, I’ll be back. See ya!! Stay Real.

Greg Hovanesian

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