I Want to be a Good Blogger, Dammit!

JANUARY 21, 2007

Hey whats up, I know someone’s reading this because I just told about a 80 people about it on MySpace; I haven’t even gotten to Facebook yet. All of the sudden, I feel like a problem’s growing: I just told a bunch of people to read my blog, and I feel like I need to write something new.

So here it is: Something New.

It’s interesting with blogs: you’re not really a journalist because you’re not getting paid, there’s no deadlines, and no one’s telling what to write about. I feel kinda cool: I can use words like kinda and not get yelled at, and I can write about nonsense, I can just write crap that doesn’t make sense, Gregismynameandthatsmystory, but honestly, I don’t really want to do any of that. I want to sort of keep a format here, like: sports, TV, movies, whatever, sports, TV, movies, food, whatever. But its tough to do: sometimes you need someone yelling in your ear, telling you “Just write about these damn tree frogs and then we’ll get to what you want to do.” Maybe I need a blog boss: someone to tell me what to write about when, dammit.

I’m not saying I’m not gonna do alright: I think I’ll do just fine, I’ve got like 15 subjects written down on a piece of paper right now. Its just that I can see how people can stray, and start writing about whatever the hell they want: and at that point, all Hell breaks loose and it might be interesting to only me. I don’t want that: I want people to look at this and say “Hmm, that Greg has a point;” or maybe “Dammit Greg, I hate your guts and plan on beating the crap out of you the next time I see you, but I gotta say, you bring up a good point.” And now that I know that at least someone from MySpace is reading this, I feel like I owe whoever you are a service. So I will try my best not write stuff that I only I find funny or entertaining; I’m gonna try to be a Good Blogger, Dammit! If you don’t like what I write, just lemme know: I know I’ll be running into some of you on the street, don’t be afraid to let me know you’ve got a problem with me.

I’m gonna wrap this up: Its Saturday night and I got places to be. Just wanted to let anyone know that just stopped by for the first time what my blog’s all about. Thats it. I will be writing more stuff. For now, I’m peacing out. Stay Real.



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