Hey There, Kids: Happy Sunday Night

FEBRUARY 26, 2007

Quote of the Night, 2/25/07:

“I was gonna procastinate today, but I decided to wait until tommorrow.”

heard over the airwaves of 93.7 Mike FM, which happens to be the most consistently good radio station in Boston

Interesting quote…is the speaker procastinating by not procastinating till the next day, or is he not procastinating by procastinating, or is it both? Hmmm. Anyway, I just want to let all of you know, that I am not procastinating: I have been writing. Three straight hours today, actually. I’ve had an idea all week, and I’m writing it down now currently. But after awhile, I stopped being coherent, and it was beautiful out, so I walked around for like 3 hours. And now I’m fried, and I’m watching the red carpet stuff for the Oscars (I’ll turn it off when the actual Awards start).

I guess I just wanted to stop in so that no one thinks I forgot about you: I haven’t. And hopefully, Monday or Tuesday night I’ll post the monster I’m writing now (I need a little help on some technicalities). But in the meantime: I’m thinking about you, the blog fan. So to quote The T500: “I’ll be back.”

Ohh yah, and by the way, I know there’s atleast 3, maybe 4, blog readers that have been trying to reach me by phone tonight. Yah, my phone kind of stopped working, not sure what the deal is. Sorry, peeps.

Anyway, I’m heading out. But I’ll see you all again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Peace.

Until Next Time,


One thought on “Hey There, Kids: Happy Sunday Night

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