Happy Valentine’s Day

FEBRUARY 15, 2007

Hey Everyone,

Well, I was gonna write something really great tonight for Valentine’s Day. And then something happened: I was out of work early due to the absolutely disgusting weather (can this winter suck anymore; just freaking snow normal already) and decided ‘Hey, this will be a great time to write in my blog.’ Except, it didn’t happen that way. I was only at work for a few hours (actually till around one, but I guess that’s a few hours), but I just couldn’t even fathom looking at a computer screen. The only problem was, I couldn’t do anything: I was gonna go to Newbury Comics, sell some CDs and buy some DVDs, but it was impossible to walk for long way in sneakers. So I waited awhile and then figured I’d give it another go: but I needed to get out of my damn apartment. So I trudged to the gym, got a good leg work out in, and then walked back (and man did it get colder in an hour and a half, I thought I was gonna get hypothermia). So I got back and figured “Great, now I’ll be ready to write that kick-ass Valentine’s Day Blog I’ve been thinking about all day, I can’t wait!” But I couldn’t; I still can’t. Honestly, to tell you the truth: I’m a little burned out. Not from blogging, but from work, staying active after work, trying to relax a little. I look at a computer screen for most of my day: sometimes I don’t feel like looking at when I get home. “All computer screens and no rest make Greg a dull boy!” And I really, really, really wanted to write that blog tonight (as you can probably tell, I love to write.) But I just don’t have the energy. Right now, I think it would suck.

I guess all I’m saying is that I’m trying; I know some people read it, cause a few of you asked me if I could post a little more often, which makes me feel pretty damn good by the way. But tonight, I’m just not feeling it.

It may come down to the weekends. This Sunday when I woke up, I started writing and didn’t look back. After 3.5 hours I made myself stop for fear of burning myself out. Monday night, when I wrote about Lincoln, I felt tired and crappy. From now on, if I feel good, I’ll keep going.

But for fans of “da blog,” don’t worry; “da blog” ain’t going anywhere. I’ve just got to take it easy and make sure I don’t burn myself out. I plan on writing about something super damn cool in just a little while (hey, maybe tommorrow on lunch break if I’m feeling good.) Oh, and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day, you sexy mutherf**kers!

Until Next Time,



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