Happy Friday Night!

FEBRUARY 17, 2007

Quote of the Night, 2/16/07:

“So much on my mind I just can’t recline,
Blastin’ holes in the Night till she bled sunshine,”

Mos Def, “Respiration”
“Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star”, 1999

Honestly, I think everyone agrees that Mos Def and Talib Kweli are two of the most talented MCs in hip-hop, but to me, what makes them so special, is the way they compliment each other. I’ve listened to “Black Star” so many times I can’t even remember. I think its one of the single greatest hip-hop albums ever assembled, and besides “Respiration”, which features Common, and the last song, which has a bunch of guest spots, its just the two of the them: Mos Def and Talib Kweli. After staying on the underground scene for awhile, slowly emerging into the limelight, they went their seperate ways. They both recorded several solo albums, which range from very good to somewhat bizarre. Mos Def is now a pretty accomplished actor. And from time to time, they record together.

But at this point, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that someone gets them back into a studio together to record an album. As good as their solo efforts are, they’re just not as magical as “Black Star”: they don’t have the chance to compliment each other as MCs. When they both appeared together on “Chappelle’s Show” back in 2003 or so, their performance was simply hypnotizing: I get goosebumps everytime I see it, and I own the first season. Their styles are so different that you forget the other exists while listening to one: Kweli’s ryhmes are frantic and a little un-Orthodox, while Mos Def’s straightforward, nasal style almost sounds old-school. They’re like the peanut butter and jelly of hip-hop. And I hope, for everyone’s sake who cares about good quality hip-hop, that they join together once again.

While I’m talking…

I’ve got a second blog now…it can be found at the creatively named ‘grhovane2.wordpress.com’ link. It will consist of short stories and all that other crap. If you go there now, you’ll find absolutely nothing. I created it about a month ago (if anyone googled ‘grhovane’ before then, you might have found it) but I haven’t written anything yet. I was going to write something last night (felt good and had a good idea) but I had to get my exercise on and go play some b-ball. Tonight, I’m just not into it. But I’ll write something eventually. If that ain’t your thing, don’t you worry: I’m gonna keep blogging over here, so all’s good.

Another thing: Sometimes I’ll check out my blog to see what it looks like, and that quote I put up by Ghenghis Khan the other day made me look a little crazy. Really, I’m not into the whole death and mayhem thing: I just saw that quote and was like, “Damn, that dude was crazy!” Sorry if I scared anyone.

Onto to my next segment: “Failed Stories:”

Okay, since I’ve had my blog, I’ve had a few good ideas…and a few that have just straight up just sucked. Here are some that sucked:

A Super Bowl Ad Blog: Just so everyone knows, I actually wrote down every single ad that was shown during the Super Bowl. Still have ’em written down in my bedrooom. My idea was to write about them. The only problem: not only could I not convince myself that it was cool, I was pretty convinced that no one else thought it was cool either. The next day at work, none of my co-workers even saw it. Granted, there all girls, but ten years ago, I guarantee atleast one of them would have seen it. Things have changed: we have way more channels to choose from now, so random people who used to watch the Super Bowl may forget its on, or more likely just not care; and we have the wonderful internet now. I mean, honestly, all anyone had to do was go to cbssportsline.com and watch the commercials there: no game needed!

Coupled with this was the fact that the entire sports media HATED the ads. I honestly thought they were pretty good, which made me feel a little wierd. Like, maybe I’m immature or something and don’t see why they’re so bad. It seemed to me like people wanted some kind of revolutionary ads that were going to change their lives. With all due respect, the companies want to sell product, not change lives. Its as my Dad always said: “A good ad isn’t nessecarily good unless you remember a product.” So, maybe good ads aren’t good ads after all. Whatever.

Bottom line: I just wrote all you really need to know. Although there were some interesting trends: take, for instance, the fact that there were only two fast food ads (Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts) through the entire game, both in the second half. Or that the Buds (Weiser, Light, and Select) were the only beer ads. Or that…alright, alright, I’ll stop: I’m boring you.

I’d actually like to write more, but just realized I have other plans: sorry, I’ve gotta life. So, I’m gonna run. But hopefully I’ll be back before the weekends gone.

Have a good Friday night!

Until Next Time,



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