February 6th, aka. Waitangi Day

FEBRUARY 9, 2007

Quote of the Day, 2/9/07:

“Art is not the truth…It is a lie that makes us see the truth.”

-Pablo Picasso

Howdy Folks,

Some of you who logged on recently may have noticed a Super Bowl Ad blog that was posted: I trashed that crap. I was tired, in a bad mood, and it didn’t make much sense. I’ve got another one on the way, as meaningless as it is at this point.

In the meantime: I have a desk calendar at my work with a lot of random bits of trivia: its the “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” series: a little bit risque, but clean enough for the office. Anyway, the other day, February 6th, in fact, I noticed that it was Waitangi Day in New Zealand. I announced this to my co-workers, but when asked what it was, I couldn’t answer (this was not the trivia fact for the day, it was just a normal calendar listing). So I Wikipedia’d it, and found out that it is a National Holiday in New Zealand, celebrating the day the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840. The Treaty of Waitangi made New Zealand a part of the British Empire; it also gave the Maori people native to the islands the rights to their land, and all Maori people received the rights of British citizens. Overall, it seemed like a pretty good treaty, unlike some of the ones the American Indians got duped into signing.

But as I perused Wikipedia, I checked out some other random facts from this day: in 46 BCE Julius Cesear defeated the Pompieans, in 1778 Massachusetts became the 6th state to ratify the Constitution, and in 1978 the infamous ‘Blizzard of ’78’ hit New England, producing sustained winds of 65mph, dumping 4″ of snow per hour all over the land, shutting down almost the entire city of Boston and the almost entire state of Rhode Island, and sinking the boat my parents were married on.

Moving down the page I started perusing through the birthdays, and found some interesting people: Babe Ruth, 1895; Ronald Regan, 1911; Bob Marley, 1945; and Axel Rose, 1962. I mean, if you think of the 4 of the most entirely different random people, this would probably be it: Ruth, the most legendary baseball player of all time, who held the all-time home run record until Hank Aaron broke it in the 1970s, and who was infamous for being an overweight ladies man who smoked cigars and ate a lot of hotdogs; Regan, the famously conservative President of the early 1980s, who produced millions of dollars worth of nuclear weapons in response to the Soviet threat and has the term ‘Reganomics’ named after him, as well as being an accomplished actor from the 1930s who starred in a lot of Westerns; Marley, the man who brought reggae music into the mainstream, stood up for the rights of all of those in his native Jamaica, decided not to amputate his cancer ridden foot despite certain death so that he could continue to perform live for his fans, and who is now a worldwide symbol of Rastafarians across the globe; and Rose, the chain-smoking, hard liquor drinking lead singer of one of the most influential heavy medal bands of all time, who despite having dated several supermodels decided to become a recluse during his late 30s/early 40s, and lived in a hotel penthouse without being seen by anyone for about 10 years, a la Howard Hughes. I mean, these are four of the most different, charismatic, and bizarrely unique people in the entire world, and they all have the same birthday?!?! Also sharing birthdays on this day were Eva Braun (1912), the mistress of Adolf Hitler, and Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917), the Hungarian actress who was briefly Miss Hungary before being disqualified for being only 19.

I guess my conclusion after all this online research: Waitangi Day is a pretty freaking kick-ass, interesting day. I’ve gotta run; I’m late for some socializing. Until Next Time,



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