Chillin: Sunday Night

MARCH 17, 2007

Hey Peeps,

I’m taking a little break from that Fake Tournament thing I started….I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out.

In the meantime:

I’ve been watching a lot of March Madness this weekend: I want to talk about some ads.

Is anyone else psyched that Hanes is running ads that star Kevin Bacon and Michael Jordan again? They take me back to 1992. If anyone can’t remember, Kevin Bacon used to shoot stuff at baskets (like he would throw a piece of paper at a wastebin) and Jordan would swat him. Now they have the same thing going.

I wanted to show you an example: sadly, this is the best I could find:

Ohh well…I’m glad to have Jordan and Bacon back. LONG LIVE 1992!

Another ad I really like are the ads for Loews Home Improvement: they show a lot of College Basketball fans looking for various equipment to enhance they’re b-ball experience, like body paint and nails. The funny thing is that no real schools are shown, so people come in wearing the following schools clothes: Tech, State, and University. But here’s my question: they couldn’t have thrown in College for good measure? I mean, c’mon, its paying homage to the Grandaddy of all college movies, “Animal House”: plus, its funnier than the others. I think I would die if I someone with a “College” shirt on walking around.

But no….Loews had to blow it.

Another thing about the ad: it shows random people walking around aisles with no shirts on, covered in body paint. Does this mean there’s a no shirt policy at Loews, as long as body paint is properly applied beforehand? I might have to try this out, with “College” written across my chest.

Moving on….

This Week’s Sign That The End is Near: Verizon and Domino’s have teamed up in the follwing marketing campaign: if you buy a pepperoni pizza with the little cheese filled crust things, you get a Brand New LG Chocolate Phone to go along with it. Umm…really? This is what it’s come to: you buy a pizza, and get a phone. Jeez.

What I really think this shows is just how much the Chocolate sucks. I had it for exactly one day and got rid of it: I know others who did the same thing. Logic says we can’t be alone. I can’t imagine how many people across the country are returning them for “real phones.” Honestly….I think LG and Verizon goofed on this one.

So now, if you order a freaking pizza, you get a Chocolate!?! Wow. All I have to say is: someone probably got fired for this.
Moving on…

Gone Fishin’: As some of you may know, I like to fish. Well, I’ve decided to tell you about random fish at random times. Today’s lesson is on: the Cubera Snapper.

The Cubera Snapper, is by all accounts, one of the ugliest fish in the sea. In fact, its gruesome looking. They are the largest member of the snapper family, and live in sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Those who fish for it have to remember the following things: they are highly nocturnal, so can only be fished for at night; they feed primarily on spiny-tailed lobsters, meaning that live spiny-tailed lobsters must be used for bait, which means that bait is very expensive; their meat is highly poisonous, so they must be released; they do not fight well, so it is effectively like reeling in a wet towel; they have very sharp teeth which can take off a finger, and being nightime, things can get tricky when trying to release them in the dark; and, to repeat, they are highly ugly creatures.

Due to all of the above: not that many people fish for them. But some do. If you want to learn more about these unique fish, check this out, yo.

Until Next Time,



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